Not Yet Revealed, 10FEB – #1396


The morning star, Venus, stands alone BRIGHTLY in my 6AM kitchen window. And it just rises and grabs everyone’s attention. I remember it being so very INTENSE and COMFORTING on those days that we had no power for 4 days after a hurricane, Sandy I think, many Octobers ago. The hurricane blew out the power, but the power to comfort came from the Lord. 

Those days we went to bed SO EARLY because it was SO DARK. Woke up early too and one morning, before dawn, the moon helped me outside (I was picking up toys or sticks) to see natural things I would not have seen. The moon and planet Venus, have deflected light from the Sun, none of it is from themselves. It is all shared second hand but lit forward to catch attention, to light and to warm… Isn’t it interesting that we have a beautiful solar system but we can not see it in truth because the light pollution is so awful… we also have to block intense sunlight for it’s too hot. It is out of balance at times for us. Creation groans…

For some reason this reminded me of my intrigue of how the Old Testament sheds LIGHT towards the New Testament. We often think of only dual-folds of time, old and new, with end points – but ACTUALLY there’s infinity BEFORE and infinity AFTER these testament pages. Time infinity.  Does infinity, the symbol, twist in the middle? Yes. Does infinity, the LIFE, meet the Middle with the Alpha and Omega? YES IT DOES… Some twists are unknown to us, yet to come in life, but don’t fear, know that the complete infinite LOVE is always connected to us with no beginning and no end. 

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

We don’t fall off the pages of the end of the book. There are unwritten pages ahead of us in life. Remember God knows the Way. The Old Testament LIGHTS the path to the arrival of the Promise, the New Testament makes a New Covenant SHINE the path to the NEW KINGDOM. Light lives. These days for us are gifted but not yet revealed, not yet unwrapped even if they ARE known. 

The DARKNESS of this world is going to get DARKER. Don’t be surprised. Be prayerful and look to the Proper Power, the LEAD LIGHT. UNPLUG from synthetic set ups. Travel as a transient Truth-seekers. Look past external light pollution and focus on inner LIGHT LEADING. Steadily LOOK up to see Him pick us up

We need to get outside to appreciate the beauty of the world. We need ALSO to OPEN OUR HEARTS to absorb and reflect the ILLUMINATION. Keep walking the pages of the Word. JESUS shines His Light in them. Jesus powers us to His save. 



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