Cheering to the Finish, 12FEB – #1399


There is an amazing picture in a picture video of the Olympic mixed doubles snowboarders – in the winning race. The first team member gave the second team member an edge by finishing well and the second team member gave it her all to get across the finish line. It is a video of the cheering and overjoyed exuberance of two near 40 year old competitors that were16 plus years into Olympic journey and wow, you just have to watch it for being inside their joy and for their joy of leaning into the race… He said to his teammate about the gold: Your bringing something HOME.

I KNOW Who is EXACTLY like this – CHEERING US IN HIS JOY – Jesus is CHEERING US ON – Jesus is watching us moving and growing and getting closer and closer to the finish line. He ALREADY knows that He won the race. We can hold hope to finish our journey well. WE WILL WANT TO GIVE IT OUR ALL TOO. It is not about our achievement or skill but we will be presented blameless and polished pure to Our Father if we hold on to our partner Jesus! That is our thrill to finish the race. Tears shed in JOY and shed tears for the blood that Jesus did spill, the Lord knows them all.

In Jesus’s days, He took on the pain of the race for sure – He gave it His all – He took the marathon to the darkness of abandonment where sin was destroyed and He moved sin’s consequences as far away from us as the East is from the West. AND THEN HE RETURNED TO CHEER US TO THE FINISH LINE…

Bring it HOME. 

And is the finish line the end? NO. So at the end there is a new start – it is not a medal ceremony but a NEW BEGINNING – with ALL of US CHEERING VICTORY. We will watch the NEW JERUSALEM coming in… (read Revelation for peeking around the corner and down the slope.)

Put that “picture inside the picture” video knowledge of Him INSIDE your heart and feel HIS Cheer… Lean into the RACE, because He says: “Way to Ride, BEAUTIFUL! I’m bringing you HOME.”

Lord Jesus, come near. 

We want to hear You Cheer!


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