Creature Comforts, 17FEB


So blessed to have gotten home for my Mom’s birthday, a joy to see her joy… I’m back now and was glad to see our kitty when I came home. I thank the Lord for this kitty who enriches our lives. My daughter comes home occasionally special to see the kitty (and have creature comforts of being home (WAITING FOR ME TO FEED HER and yes free laundry)).

My Mom also got a great kitty, after my dad passed, perfect match, and wow they are so blessed for his companionship and he theirs. Creatures who comfort are bigger than creature comfort to us, they bring out the natural LOVE that balances the world. The bonding is real. The paying attention to each other is real. My Aunt, whom we visited, is filled with memories and stories, from milking cows to building houses, doing paperwork and raising farm animals. She loves horses. She has realized this is the first time she has lived without a cat. She told me that the horse, from her youth, always had a cat!!!. Yes, the horse had a cat companion! She said they were best companion animals, horses need to have a companion and be a companion. They naturally do.

Creatures comfort. Creatures comforting by mutual presence is not just a creature comfort, it’s Real Love. It’s both stewardship and companionship. Having a cat on your lap or even knowing that the cat is jostling you to get up and move, it’s a moment to know that you are BLESSED. Even if you are alone, and a different scale, the comfort of the Lord is REAL. You can talk to Him ALL DAY. 

One old testament lesson I glean is that the people went off the rails many times and neglected worshiping the Lord. It was a group effort to live Godly lives. In contrary to group efforts, individuals ALSO stood out as devoted. like Samuel, tapped into understanding of how to live: DEVOTED. Samuel reminded it is better to obey first then have to do sacrifices after not listening…

Now, in our next stage, new covenant living, we can be devoted too, we can take a moment and be at peace with taking a path narrow but sure. Our companion is the Lord who calls us as His children, not just His creatures. HIS CHILDREN. He wants us to take a moment and rest, lay our heads and burdens upon Him. Be able to sit in peace. Be ready for Him to come again. Be waiting like the cat for the opportunity to hear Him come to us. Run like never before when He comes thru the door.

We have the comfort of the Lord and the knowledge that there are angel warriors all around us. Perhaps these cats are being directed by the angels for when to sit with us, when to jostle us, when to come running. I believe there are spiritual forces to buffer out existence, hold our cars in their lanes driving down the highway and put invisible butter on our faces for creatures to kiss. Resting kitties on our laps, the angel knows helping.  Be presence. Be the comfort of our needs. Remind us to be still. Still in midwinter rest. Still in counting our blessings. 


PS, I took a puzzle moment too, had time to sit. I was grateful for the opportunity. I was not worried but took a rapid test anyway to have that comfort, I assembled it’s puzzle-like instructions, I did NOT puzzle that the Lord had brought us back together with appreciation of togetherness. He gave us wisdom and waiting skills, He carried us all throughout this time. He comforted us. He still does. (And the puzzle? It was a cat sleeping in books named for cats… “Holy Cats!” Was my favorite title.) YES, blessed…

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