Glitter and God’s Glue


The other night cleaning up my own VBS messes at my friend’s church, I was especially thinking about Miss Bonnie, God rest her soul, our Sunday School nursery teacher and VBS craft lady extraordinaire. Glitter glitz going over the top in good ways FOR the sake of the children, for the sake of the Lord. (And I also remember her for teaching confirmation class and for the elderly she visited). 

I remember the day after VBS, our former Pastor PJ took the leaf blower into fellowship hall to move glitter out!!!. Trust me the gas fumes were worse than the glitter!

Glitter may be shed so that people may be led.

How overabundant her love was for the children. The lessons she taught were of Jesus’s Love. Lord knows both that I miss Miss Bonnie and yet I DO KNOW she is in such amazing Heaven, a MUCH better place especially for Jesus loves her immensely and has healed her. Bonnie was “unashamed of the Gospel” like Apostle Paul, because she knew Jesus was her amazing healer, helper, hold-her-together-er, hero and Savior. We all live lives where we all would attest it is “[better to be one day in Your court, Lord, than a thousand elsewhere]”. That’s because are saved in Jesus’s blood.  Yes, we are seen as pure and clean from Jesus’s washing.

So, Miss Bonnie’s legend lives clearly on in every child project still decorating grownup kids’ homes. Miss Bonnie loved glitter glitter glitter and kids love glitter. She loved sharing different art and craft materials and was very particular about tacky glue over Elmer’s, so projects would dry faster and stick better. She made sure the parents understood the “work” their children made amazingly. 

Children’s ministry is one of the glues of any church and Jesus’s Word says don’t hinder the little children. Trust me that children bring adults, Grandparents, friends to our churches. Miss Bonnie and dedicated teachers and preachers know God’s True Glue is His Word and the Working out of It.  When a child asks Jesus to grow in them, the Kingdom grows, the God Glue flows. The Glitter of God shining in that child encourages the faith growth of members of that child’s family. Endless stickers of Jesus and pages of scripture coloring sheets may be cherished and saved. 

His Spiritual Glue saves our lives.

I reached to clean up the floor at VBS that night at my friend’s church and picked up a child’s lost crafts, glued feathers and paper towel rolls. One solo Jesus foam piece? That WAS from a Miss Bonnie connection.  I moved that bag of those unique foam pieces myself years ago. God found just the right timing of an unusual something that I knew was from Bonnie and our old Sunday School classes. This night, I was at one of these churches where we parsed out many of Miss Bonnie’s excess craft supplies. We gave out her materials when we were required to move VBS/Sunday School storage at the old church, to make space (Whew!). Multiple churches, scout troops, the children’s hospital, and even foreign missionaries were given supplies we sorted, divided and donated. (I can still see my friends cleaning and sorting with me in a 4 hour marathon one Saturday, wow). I remember to honor her by keeping teaching and helping. 

Miss Bonnie still touches our lives with her love of sharing Jesus. All Sunday school and VBS teachers do make a difference, even if for the parents to say “Thank God” that their kids stay busy for an hour. There can still be praise in parts and in whole for the endless numbers of children benefitting from time that Miss Bonnie dedicated to them, to show them love, to tell them LOVE comes from God and LOVE IS God. GOD IS LOVE. 

Jesus, the foam piece, I stuck that to my car window today in morning dew, and will keep it in my Subaru dash. But it’s Jesus in our hearts who IS our Life Glue.

God’s Glue is True. 


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