FALLing for Jesus


Don’t worry: Jesus said: not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you…

A leaf that changes from green to the reds and oranges and yellows in the fall is absorbing back the vital magnesium (Mg) from the center of the chlorophyll molecule. Carbon, Hydrogen. Nitrogen, Oxygen and Magnesium held together “just so”. Leaves are modifying and producing pigments and allowing the leaves to go thru a “natural” process of aging, recovering Nitrogen from protein breakdown and recovering other nutrients (like the Mg) for next spring’s leafing out and fruit production. Absorbed is the light needed for photosynthesis production and life. Plants have multiple types of chlorophylls, anthocyanins and carotenoids which color the plant parts we see and eat. The color we see is from reflection of the light wavelengths not absorbed. 

This is where I mention Jesus as the Light, not from the sun, not from a reflection of God, but from Himself being God, One with God. He IS the Light of the world, and we ARE blessed to both absorb Him and reflect Him and to let Him shine thru us.

Perhaps in our phase of life or year we are leafing out, ready to work all summer. Perhaps our lives are preparing for winter, slowing down some work like photosynthesis but still very active like accumulating vital nutrients for the whole tree to keep living. Perhaps it is time to let go of our tree life this year and venture out to the piles of groundcover to travel all around with the wind (Holy Spirit lead me). Perhaps we can join in with others to be a jumping pile for JOY, or be creature comfort cover for winter warmth (for both plants and animals or for people in need of our collective warmth). Perhaps and eventually we can be what breaks down and replenishes the ground with our nutrient gifts. Breaking down does not mean giving up, it is often for giving back. We replenish others with what we don’t need as we move forward. 



A poem:

Falling for Jesus

Jesus and we are to be living His Reflection, each of our days.

Jesus and we, like leaves, have temporary physical earthly stays.

Jesus and we can FOREVER live Spiritually our relationship together in all His Ways.

Falling for Jesus

Jesus and we are to be reflecting His Life’s Life for all to see. 

Jesus and we only have minimal time on this tree. 

Jesus and we must know our ultimate phase is so very Heavenly. 

Falling for Jesus


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