An Old Post – the Gift of Re-reading, 03Sep – #430



An Old Post – the Gift of Re-reading, 03Sep

I was honestly searching for some peace tonight – there are times that I have a tough time – as we all do – but I know I know that God is with me always and desiring to bring me peace…

I was singing “Called to Know You” as I took my walk “to walk with You, it is my great reward”… and I must know that there is purpose in this time of my life – purpose even when not finding peace- somehow I just know it is time for me to learn how to appreciate me and God together… and appreciate eventual ultimate peace that is graced…

I don’t always get what I want – nobody does… affirmations vs entitlements…  so after my walk I came back home and saw the fireworks from a nearby park – I can just see them from the end of my driveway – then inside for some time with my daughter – as we watched a great movie together – Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail…  what joy it is to spend time together that is so different now that she is so grown up now…

so then I re-read this post as I edited it for my blog page… it is an affirmation of love – to read my own devotion – I am grateful Lord – I am truly grateful for You and Your love – Your affirmation of love…

Entitlements vs. Affirmations, 21JUN
I was in the mountains helping a friend open her cabin, we worked hard… So we felt entitled to sit by the lake to relax, and later I also sat at the bonfire stirring up coals. It was where I felt such peace…. Of course temporary moment for peace, couldn’t stay all night and get bitten up by the bugs, but I allowed myself to accept freely offered PEACE….felt good…felt God…

Was I entitled to sit there? probably not… I really should be out solving world hunger and working for world peace, shouldn’t I? Shouldn’t we all? That’s another conversation….but I was granted this golden slice of personal peace and I joyfully took it. Gifts are more wonderful when you don’t expect them.

When I look to God, should I look for entitlement? I am pretty sure I should not… I need to respect God and his plan. I already live a golden cake-walk type life, what is my right to ask for entitlements?

Does God give gifts? Oh yeah! Gifts are more wonderful when you don’t expect them.

I have been praying for something for at least two years, so long I don’t even know… honestly the praying became like begging at times. Yes, we should all pray for whatever we need… begging and anguish are all acceptable… we should always go to God in whatever state we are in, for all of our needs, because he already knows them before we can even ask.

Although I did not feel totally feel entitled to what I was begging God for, I have to say that when I finally said “It’s your will, God… do as YOU will, not as I ask”, well wouldn’t you know it? God answered in a big way… God knew I had changed… and I received this gift within 6 hours, I am not making this up and I am not going to tell you what it was…. Just know God provides… God’s gift was an affirmation of His LOVE. I had to admit I was not entitled to it, even though some might say I was. And “honest-to-God” when I humbly decided I was not going to demand it anymore, my heart was truly changed… and when I prayerful lifted it to God, finally in the right heart-set, He in turn gave it to me. A gift. He loves me.

God freely gives Grace. He loves you and knows what you need, just turn to HIM.

But it IS difficult to do this for everything we should, and it is HARD to separate needs and wants, and who knows, perhaps what we are demanding is the best for the situation because often it probably is…. Scripture says “All things are possible if you believe”. God wants to you to look towards Him, God does have your best interest at heart. Have faith in God, and accept grace gifts gracefully…

If we pray for God’s will in all things, no matter how difficult it is to give up control, then all the gifts from God become affirmations of Love. When we shed our human desires for human acceptance, human love, human entitlements, and instead desire to please God and respect HIS plan (a very very long term plan that we are not entitled to know the details of), then everyday everyway we can experience JOY… And the best JOY – an eternal life – only comes from God.

A good friend said JOY stands for Jesus-Others-Yourself… If you ask God to change your heart and put Jesus first – then others – before your own needs, you will find JOY… And it will feel like you are affirmed in an overload of LOVE.

I can truly truly say that, PEACE is offered by a loving God, I pray we all to take and accept that PEACE in Joy…

THANKS God. You make my heart smile eternally for you.

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