Decompression from delivering our Laity Sunday Message, 17Oct – #445



Decompression from delivering our Laity Sunday Message

I sat down at the outside lunch table today and realized it was a spider web design – sigh – God has my number- I will remain open to where He takes me – gladly using the web(s) He gave me – placing me in Jesus’s arms lovingly looking to the Holy Spirit for direction…   it’s as comforting as it is unnerving at times – eye of the hurricane! but I am so blessed!

I was so last minute nervous – knew I would be – I wrote it a month ago and purposefully put it aside – until a couple days ago and while speaking it the night before (with the full moon in view) I had to rewrite because I speak so differently than I write and vice versa – yup! But I remember this Babe Ruth quote – “Never let fear of striking out get in your way”.  Also Wayne Gretzky – “you will miss all the shots you never take”. Of course Proverbs 3: from VBS: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

During the first service I sat on the organ bench with K, it was nice, we are buddies, and he played “Let there be peace on earth”, which I mentioned in the service, I sang it with him while at the organ bench – good decompression in the moment… Just after my message in each service I got a big needed hug…  Our youth group leader had a big smile when I mentioned the part about Spider-Man, the web and not being a lukewarm Christian as he looked over to his wife and told me later that that that is the EXACT scripture they were using that night and youth group and they had just discussed it… Yeah, that’s how God works. Cool…

After the 11, after the sermon and before our last song my praise band leader caught my eye and winked and gave me a nice affirmation nod… later I decompressed about the message with him and about the craft of delivering sermons… We talked about sermon structures and the Levites doing their best for God… I needed the decompression and I was so thankful.

I cherish all the people God has blessed me with, the resources God lays in front of me are astounding!!! … and oh those kids today, yeah, all the children of God awesome – 5 year old M.Z. wore his Spider-Man shirt for me just like I asked, he was an anchor point for me – knowingly I planted into the audience, and the biggest hug at the beginning was from our pastor’s granddaughter and I got another hug outside… Those running hugs from kids are the best.

Just before contemporary a beautiful brain injured woman told me how much she loved the Lord and even though she had an accident with a tractor trailer hitting her, she still loves the Lord so much and her mom loves the Lord too – and I joyfully told her that I love the Lord very much too – and then she called us sisters, and sweetly she looked at our skins – black and white – and she said we are still sisters in the Lord… I was absolutely absorbing blessing from God in that moment, oh it felt like a movie scene with her encouragement, wow… Yeah, God is good!!! And to watch her dance clapping with the music, sweet – she had the rhythm and allowed the spirit of God to dance…

It had been a very very busy day –  I was at church from 8:30 till 1:15  then went to the park for an art festival… I walked in and our lay leader was there, so amazing as we had just seen each other at church, and she was the one who asked me to speak. That is God’s timing for extra decompression…

At the park I saw these most amazing web designs made from cost hangers – instantly web designs caught and will probably always catch my eye – this web God has us in – He has us just where He wants us – doing our best and letting the good news speak for itself…

His plan His net – our blessing to be in it!

445 net hangers 2445 net from wire hangers

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