Amazed by God, 05NOV – #759



Amazed by God, 05NOV

The tornado that touched down on Halloween night certainly took down many impressive trees but it could have been much much worse…  There were no serious injuries, that is amazing!!

I am impressed by nature – but I am always AMAZED BY GOD…

There were trees that fell through the church’s playground and outdoor amphitheater where they host the living nativity. Yet clearly one could see the cross on the boat is still standing straight!!!  In the village, at the historic “yellow house” landmark, a giant tree that fell seemingly perfectly through the backyard and missed the house – I don’t know how that happens!!!

God is good…

This devotion is from over the summer and I am reminded again and again when I see these giant tree roots that trees are not deep, but wide-rooted!!!!

Likewise, our roots are not to be nestled deep in our worldly life but instead we are to grow our roots of faith, spread our roots out wide to our communities, and share the love of the Lord with everyone!!!

Previous devotion:

Deeply Rooted Thru Faith, 05AUG – #722

We say that we can “put our roots down deep”…  We can become “deeply rooted in our communities”…

But tree roots are actually NOT deep, are they? Tree roots are wide but not deep… that’s how our faith, not our physical supports, also need to be, soul anchoring is how we become stable and strong… not tossed and turned in the wind… Sometimes “deep rooted fear” plagues us, yet our human roots won’t save us in a storm as much as our faith does and will

Like jars of clay, we are hard pressed on all sides with challenges, and so our internal spirit takes over where the gap in our human strengthening falls short… deep rooted fear is darkness, but the LIGHT of the Spirit wins every time.

The giant old-aged trees that tumble in a windstorm will rip the earth wide open, exposing the root shallowness… wide roots, not deep. So, we too must reach out to fellow believers and pre-believers to witness to the Lord’s strength supporting our lives.  Our wide roots, our wide faith reaching endlessly into every crevice of our lives, here and forever… our shallowness disappears, and His power displayed… We can faithfully spread our wings wide, like the crown of branches on the tree. We can bear fruit by being planted by His nurturing stream (like in Psalm 1).

We know it is by God, not us, that we ensure our futures. But if we lose our faith – lose our way – we are likely to fall. When we nestle our branches in His Vine, then we will be fine. Apart from our Lord, our branches will wither, die and be cast into the fire (as in John 15). With Him, we bear fruit, we are gently pruned by the Vinedresser to bear more.

So then, consider the issue of a root canal to repair a whole other type of cavity in our own creature… visibly the tooth is cracked, so carefully the root structures are preserved, and the canal is widened as the dying nerve is removed – an apt analogy for us too. Leave the human anchor intact as a shell, but clean it up, remove the frayed and decayed elements, repair the damage and also deepen the well for good faith to take hold. Then, Crown it….

Crown our root – hmmm, that’s what Jesus did for us too… His Resurrection Crowning His Glory, for He and we now have victory over death.

A cracked surface tooth will be replaced with a crown. Our humanness, our surface life can now being filled by a wellness from our soul. Our root is shallow, but our wells are called to go deep. Our tree is called to bear even more fruit now… and even though our trees will eventually fall, and our earthly time will finish, our lives will be preserved with a Crown… His Crown… because our roots were established NOT in this World but in His Kingdom.

Our Lives Preserved…

His Reign Forever…


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