Witness His Next Stitch, 15MAY – #862


#862, 15MAY

Witness His Next Stitch

John, the apostle, was so young when Jesus called him and brother James to “Follow Me”. Jesus loved him dearly and John knew AND grew to be a great witness and wisdom-filled teacher who lived many years. John lived a long life to tell, teach, and weave his wisdom into his accounts, seasoned to know what his readers would want to hear, the stories, the witness, To tell about the love of Jesus, a man who was both God, family, leader and friend.

John’s gospel, written last, covers many tidbits not in the other 3 gospels… the stitches into the net of insights are not for show of his personal status, but for the future readers to understand his important placement of witness – Jesus sent all the disciples out to be taught. We are the ones that weren’t there. We must reach into his wisdom and the wisdom of everyone’s past witness to find how Jesus is UNCHANGING even in new times. We want to know the words of truth, the Word Jesus thru Witness.

The youth of today are our hope, for they are the teachers of tomorrow. What will they witness of Jesus thru us? We must continue stitching the thread. Share our witness that He gave us His strength to live. Not reinventing the witness but CONTINUING the long threads of TRUTH from the Word weaved thru our lives. Will the Word weave thru us enough to make us want to tell of Him? I hope so. We have to make it so… We have to show how our faith has stitched us together.

What damage do we see in the world that we can counteract with witness? What can our threads of faith fix? Calm the frayed ends? Comfort the crashes? Can we be warm witnesses to counteract coldness? Complacency? Cowardness? Collapse? What about facing fears and frustrations by demonstrating trust and due diligence? What about changing the gloom and doom into bright light, sight and hope?

I hope that our youth can say, one day, that we were a praying generation, a sharing generation, a paying attention generation. If they could tell stories of how we choose to show our strength instead of flaunt it, and show that we did not shy away. How we exerted efforts to listen internally and broadcast HOPE over the noise of nothingness…

Do we have to have life figured out? No. Perhaps it is better if life figures us out instead… Perhaps living the life of fluidity and fulfillment of cause IS the life that Jesus shows us how to live. Best we remember that Jesus shows us simply first to BE, and to keep walking in humbleness, seeking justice, loving mercy. We can keep walking with Jesus these days and weave our path of wisdom into the net, the fabric of the future.

I want to be remembered as Holy Spirit fueled, not as running under my own power. I want to be sharpened as a needle to pierce new fabrics with a mission to share.

Be a witness today and pray placement into the next stitch of the fabric of His LOVE. When you share your hope in Him, you are helping to start His next stitch. Be woven. Be real. Be witness.  Be.

Amen ahead of time to be a believer of His next stitch.


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