Hold the Rail, Mom IS Right, 11MAY – #861


#861 – 11MAY

Hold the Rail, Mom IS Right

My Mom is the best!!!

My Mom is Heaven-sent. I get to borrow her here on earth.

My Mom’s ever-spoken advice: “Hold the rail!” Even at age 50, I can still hear her say it, and thank God she still says it! Yes, there is nothing easier to do than fall down the stairs, and I have… Up and down the stairs we still go, “Hold the rail!”. There is nothing so simple a saying which is the best good idea. HOLD THE RAIL!!!

Hold the rail.

In life as well, let’s not overlook this as the best advice EVER.

Hold the rail. Yes the physical one.

Hold the rail. How about the spiritual one? Hold the prayer rail, hold the rail and draw a line against distractions and disasters, hold the rail and the rail holds you – as long as your grip is good. Watch each of your steps. Get a grip.

Hold the rail and in other words, hold onto what will steady us like none other. Hold the WHO most of all – hold the out-streched HAND of the LORD.

Hold the Lord. The Lord is holding you.  Hold the Lord against distractions and disasters, hold your grip, get a grip. Watch your steps.

My Mom knows the Lord in her own unique way. As we all do. My Mom holds the rail, even put in a second rail on the big stairs at home. Be extra careful now these long years… take advantage of the most safety you can to transverse day to day…

A Second Rail, Hmmm… an advocate to come alongside, a Holy Spirit to hold, to help… How Amazing… We HAVE a surrounding SAVE…

Hold the HOPE. The HOPE is holding you!

Why not hold the rail? The steadying presence is for your own safety.

Why not hold the Holy Hope Helping of Heaven’s Host.

Hold out your hand, He is here to hold.

HE who helps, HE IS THE LORD.



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