God Wants a Relationship, 30JUN – #887


887, 30JUN

God Wants a Relationship

When I finally organized my recent newly cut piles of fabric for face mask sewing,  it looked pretty, I love fabric, but it also looked sad to me, overwhelming, it looked like I bit off more than I can sew, plus I know that we are sadly in the depths of unusual times and a bad pandemic. When I got back into it and started sewing this batch, I felt much much better, as I felt I was being very purposeful making them for specific people. I imagined progress (half of these are not for anyone, yet, and so it is just an overwhelming pile of half done). I’m sure I will get more energetic about the extra, because God will find purpose for me because  of my relationship with Him… I will probably make some for a nursing home or food bank or homeless  shelter…  I know that I don’t have to finish them all at once… See, sharing JUST with friends is fun, but we need to go further… Sharing our faith is like that too… we need to share for the sake of people whom we won’t even know.  God knows them all. God wants a relationship with all. God wants progress to reach all…

If I can be in joy working for friends and family,  imagine how much JOY that God has working for all of us, reaching all HIS FAMILY.

Imagine how joyful each person’s relationship with God could be, then imagine how JOYFUL God must be!!!

God wants relationship.

Imagine how painful the world is, then imagine how much pain the Lord has for all His children.

God wants relationship.

Imagine the peace of a relationship with God, then imagine how peace-filled God would be if He knew He had reached each child of His.

God wants relationship.

Imagine the organization of the world with God-fearing, God-loving people putting things into perspective,  less bickering,  more giving,  then imagine how perfectly placed all of our needs would be with God regifting the garden caretaking to us.

God wants relationship.

Imagine bleakness, but then eternal glory in Heavenly realms. God provides those heavenly hopes.

God wants relationship.

Imagine NOT bleakness but imagine HEAVEN ON EARTH,


Imagine that…


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