THE Story, 03JUL – #888


#888, 03JUL

THE Story

Such a blessing to see Hamilton from the comfort of my couch, with my college-aged daughter, who kept checking to see if I was watching… oh yes for sure… In addition to being a huge Broadway fan, I appreciate that it cost less for a month subscription to Disney streaming ($6.99) than it would have cost to simply get Dunkin Donuts food at the train station on the way to surely what could have been $750 ticket cost plus in a theater… yeah… any bargain is a bargain…

The priceless part of each day is spending the time with my kids… the priceless take home message of the Hamilton story includes the lyrics: “who tells your story…” well, often it is your children, your co-humans, your letters, your trace.

Not lost on me was the lyric: “you write like you’re running out of time?” Yes, that’s Hamilton, he wrote and wrote and intensely impacted the formation of the United States like you imagine a founding father would. Hamilton ran out of time, with Aaron Burr’s duel. He really did run out of time but was blessed with a legacy because of Eliza, his wife, who told his story, their story, for 50 more years.  This musical writes her story too…


Why do I write? I have to.  I have no choice.  Whose story? Not mine. Yes I am in these writings, but I KNOW that I am to write to tell about a bigger Story than mine.  Whose legacy? Not mine. What is mine is my personal filter within my writing. My story includes how I need to tell how His Story has an impact on mine. HIM, THE BIG H, the uppercase and only God, the Lord of Lords… the Word of Words… Maybe my kids will read my stories, or not. Maybe others will. But either way, I want all to know that it is His story rather than ours… and when you want to write His Story, you have to put your own pen down. Give Him the opportunity to publish thru you. Be His heart, hands, feet, and certainly be His open book. Be human humbly, hoping to heal in a broken world. Be the help you know the world needs. We all will be healed because we know the end of THE story.

His legacy is life everlasting. His Story is His Life.

So, why do I, like Hamilton, write and write and write? like we are running out of time? Because we are.

But He is not. 

He MAKES time.

It’s His Story, all about Grace, Life, and all of us are in it.

God Bless every Willing Word.


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