Already Been Fished, 04JUL – #889


#889, 04JUL

Already Been Fished

Phishing – I walked into a phishing phone call yesterday – I googled and grabbed the wrong number in haste – I didn’t give them too much information before I got very suspicious and hung up the phone. CLOSE… it’s a terrible thing to stress about it and it’s sad those who perpetuate the problems… I’m sorry to not realize, and I reported them… I hope for the best.  No one can say they have been not been phished, and some do take the bite, it’s frustrating but human to be tempted  by bait. So it is important for us to say: “Wait!”

Before I started rolling thru all my other guilty thoughts of “oops”-es, so much woulda coulda shoulda, I realized my own advice, about the experience, also pertained to me: if they keep you on the line and start to aggravate you (like this guy did), you are prone to give even more information about your situation, it’s best to stay calm, don’t give yourself away.  It dawned on me that the devil does the same thing, aggravate you and go phishing for inroads to your sanity. It’s up to us to not give ourselves away.

Tell the phisher you’ve already been fished. Jesus fished!

Ask Jesus to guard you, to answer the mental door. Tell the devil to stand down. Tell Jesus you are sorry, thank Him for forgiveness, and accept it. ACCEPT IT AND MOVE FORWARD.  Next time, ask Jesus to pick up the phone.

I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior, basically He walked into my heart and life before I ever asked. Then, when He awoke me, and held me, I really had to accept Him as real. And to accept Jesus is to accept our humanness and accept His forgiveness. We all must say YES! We are not baited but netted. He has fished for us all. We may not have wanted to be caught, yet we are best to stop wriggling away. Now we know, we can not live without Jesus.  Jesus catches us with His Love, holds us with His Hopes, saves us with His Life. We have been fished, for He will bring us back to the Kingdom for Our Father.

Tell the darkness in thoughts that you have SEEN the Light.

Tell the bait you are already FED.

Tell the false freedoms that you are not entangled with false hope, but secured with the Truth.

It is not a net loss but a net GAIN!

Instead of dread, accept the bread.

Savior,  please save my day.

Capture me from my human way.

Fish me and net me.

Pull me away from the enemy and traps of phish-food.

Jesus, tell them I’M YOURS!!!”



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