Turn the Page for Self Care, 26JUL – #899


899 book

#899, 26JUL

Turn the Page for Self Care

What does “self care” look like? That’s the new hot term “self care”…  Does it mean spoiling yourself or does it mean just remembering to take care of yourself – to put your own oxygen mask on first before putting it on others. I can call this particular moment “self care” as I just sat down at the beach this morning, a friend will be coming but I decided to come early since the cat wakes me up at 5:00 a.m. anyway. I got a free parking spot – I hope to get a beach tag but the best is that at least I got here. At least I got here.

Creating a self care plan to me means that I made a plan and I was able to run with it (when you know all plans don’t actually get to be run)… Self care means I took care of my other obligation cares first, to be able to just be. Self care to me also means accepting what I can’t do and taking advantage of anything good I can. Being here at the beach is a successful moment of “I did“.

Self care is best achieved in being aware of being in the care of the Lord. Focusing, sitting down with the Lord – walking with the Lord – and resting with the Lord. Listening and remembering HIS care is infinitely better than your own self care.

New book I have – reading about Peter and Jesus walking on the water, about Peter sinking and Jesus lifting, that is me too. I went to take this beach photo,  but the page kept turning and I thought: isn’t that true for our lives: DON’T STAY ON THE SAME PAGE, accept the save and turn the page.  Get-up-and-go. Take time of course to sit down and rest, but Peter didn’t stay “standing still” with Jesus after he was lifted, they got back onto shore swiftly. They keep moving…

If you listen to the waves, listen to the birds, feel the sun, that’s self care time well spent but most importantly listen to your heart – your heart is where the Lord resides. He can help you there and everywhere, help you in a way that directly speaks to you. In everything the Lord has created, He specifically made YOU. And what has the Lord has deposited in You?  HIS SPIRIT.

There is no better self care then SPIRIT CARE.. His Spirit is for you.

Keep turning the page, for you, for your care, for your plan, for your hope, for your mission. The Lord ALWAYS has something to say about your walk with Him.


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