Stop Focusing On Your Fears, 25JUL – #898



Stop Focusing On Your Fears, 25JUL

Stop Focusing On Your Fears.

Easy to say. Not easy to do.

Best way? Focus on Jesus instead.

We say that all the time, Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Perhaps often my distractions are that I see my fears being played out in someone else’s life, and I forgot that it’s NOT happening to me, I forget my blessings of being “safe thus far”.  Perhaps through somebody else’s situation, I get paralyzed by watching when I should be thinking of how Jesus would get them out of that situation.  (And sometimes we are but perhaps we are not always on the rescue team).  None the less, we are ALWAYS on the prayer team. ALWAYS.

FOCUS ON JESUS. You will find praise. Praise that He knows you and knows your fears. Praise that He forgives you and forgives your forgetfulness. Praise that He is True. Praise that He has gone ahead. Don’t let your fear make you forget your faith. Your steps are sure if you surely can remember to trust.

Perhaps better than worrying about train wrecks, let us all go in advance to the intersections of people’s faith and strengthen them with ours. Perhaps you will find others strengthen yours too. Perhaps better than being the spoiler, or stopping traffic, let the trains cross slowly and see if it all fits together in a plan better than you could have imagined. Don’t be afraid to cross if Jesus is directing. Crossing intersections of faith could involve the Cross, sometimes sacrifice, and always praise.

Adding onto the famous lyrics:

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, [not the world or your perceived future].

Look full in His Wonderful Face, [not at shadows that your fears hide in].

And the things of Earth will grow strangely dim, [because Jesus seriously IS THE ONLY LIGHT].

In the Light of His Glory and Grace, [as nothing earthly, even death, can touch His Glory and Grace].

Nothing can even touch His GLORY and GRACE.



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