Grow and Grow and Grow, 17APR – #1132


A Winter may be white as snow.

Too cold for blooms, nothing to grow.

Yet winter skies, often blue and clear, 

Yield finally for Springtime’s colorful cheer. 

Yellows and pinks, purples so bold, 

New growth brings life, we watch it unfold.

Glimpse budding trees and showy flowers.

The rich colorful show after April showers.

Blooms that fruit and greens to grow.

Summertime flavors anticipated so.

Harvests are plentiful and we love Fall,

Savor each season, flavors so different in all.

Springtime surely let us enjoy this year.

Let us ALL bud out, let us look for hearts to cheer.

Let us bloom and grow, cultivate and know. 

Let us tap into life and go with the flow. 

Time gets away. Time spins fast.

Life prunes away anything that won’t last.

Winter comes too soon again. 

Therefore, be in season now, make today a really good win.

Colors may fade, and flowers fall away.

Yet JOY is blessed forever to stay.

Live TODAY in the best way you know.

Bloom with Hope, Live in Joy. Smile with Love.


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