Written Down, 13AUG – #1222


I am so busy these days – work – and home – and life – and and and…

I have to make “to-do lists” – I have to write it down – I even have to write on my hand when I need to…

I have so much to keep track of…  I have to write it down to dump my brain and see it all on paper… Know that written down will make room in my head to think, just to be. Whew!

Oh Lord, Can You Understand? OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!

You DO understand because YOU WROTE DOWN YOUR PLANS TOO!!!

You ARE the writing that was written!!!!!! 

You, You Yourself Wrote YOURSELF Down!!!!!

Except it is not a “to-do list” mission to finish, “IT” is already finished.

YOU are on a “TO BE KNOWN” mission.

You were You, the Word, before we had letters. 

You are You, the Word, that we can now see in our lives and rely upon. 

You will be You, the Word, always and forever that we will need to follow. 

You are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Ready to Lead as well as Always have Led.

We remember You when we worship You. You will never blot out our names from the book of life, You will acknowledge our name before Our Father and His angels. (Revelation 3:5)

You will NOT forget us. Lord, You have inscribed us on the palms of Your hands. (Isaiah 49:16)

Thank You Lord.

For You to have had, now have, and will have me on Your “To be Saved” List is all I really ever needed, need or will need.

Thank You!


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