Deep Down OK, 13AUG – #1221



Lord, You make us OK.

It’s listening and knowing Your Way.

I hear what You have to say,

You say we will be OK.

My worries may make my heart stray.

My mind tells me to STAY.

Your Hope is the ONLY Way.

Your Life in us, for us, is more than OK.

Deep down we will be OK.

Stress, unknowns, things, they may change up life, spin it seemingly away.

But Real Life, in You, is not really going astray, even earth is temporary anyway. 

Keep the faith, we all must say.

Keep our steps, Lord, towards You and WITH You today.

Life IS short Lord, but You Lord, make even that OK.

DEEP DOWN, am I OK? Today?

With Your Comfort, Life, and Love? I am OK. 

With Your Guidance, and Peace pausing Patience, You are enough for each day. I am OK. 

OK to rest, OK to keep moving, take action, and OK to live in Your Way.

You LOVE us Lord, that’s all we really need to say.

We have You, we are OK.

We know You, we are OK.

You love us, we are OK.

Without You, we would go astray, but we have You.

Lord, with You, we are OK.


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