Inside Job, 17NOV – #1307


I wanted to be outside and instead saw God’s “inside job”, one He did on me.

I decided to go to a place “by myself” and instead I saw that He was waiting for me.

It was God saying “you worry about what people think?

Don’t. I AM the One Who will make you blink.

Where you go is not always about you.

It’s about God’s Plan. Lord, it’s true, I’m Lost without You

Life’s NOT about finding a perfect place to be –

But to BE placed in the MOMENT, even temporarily.

The world can never be perfect – not before Jesus returns whenever when.

So life is about a perfect God, perfecting us – let us be ready until then.

It’s an Inside Job. Freedom that is not free.

He knows me better than me. 

I best BE where He be placing me!

What is BEST for me is to listen to and serve Thee.


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