Empty Sky Day, September 11th


I saw the back of the Statue of Liberty lit up beautifully today.

It was worth a 20 minute drive out of my usual way. 

Her back was not turned on me, I was not offended in any way.

In contrary, my whole life has been lived in Freedom’s play,

I’ve pursued happiness each and every God-blessed American day.

I saw the Train Station at Lady Liberty’s Park today.

She welcomed my ancestors, huddled masses that then moved over this way.

A train ticket brought their American Dream’s freedom just a few steps away. 

That’s why now I can stand here blessedly, gratefully, and knowingly say:

America was their dream fulfillment that then came my way.

It was here I touched the 9-11 steel girder sculpture to pray. 

Solid in silent memorial, they did not sway nor melt away.

The 3000 plus souls however were whisked away.

That was a horrible horrible unforgettable day.

Lord, I pray everyone reached for Your Healing Way.

Empty Sky is now glittering, filled in a lively way.

21 years since the towers fell that memorialized September 11th day.

The World Trade trades money and more here each and every day.

Because clearly ingenuity and progress is here to stay!

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness goes on without say.

God Bless the USA.

God Bless us today. 


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