God Rest the Queen


I have certainly cried over the Queen. People loved her. God blessed her. God Saved her. And now, God rests her. Precious Lord.

God REST the Queen. 

What a legend, legacy, longevity, LIFE. Beloved. Now that’s a lady who was LOVED!

A life of service for sure, the Queen kept her country, family and us in awe. Plus it’s just cool that she was the Queen, without the party-crashing lifestyle, without overloads of the personal scandals of herself when the rest of the family was embarrassing. She was witty and kind. Now that’s what a lady is, KIND.

I always wanted to meet the Queen, always.  My college friend both met her and was friendly with her, even being made a member of the Royal Empire. Cool… Now that’s what a lady is, PERSONABLE. 

I remember the story of the lady who hugged the Queen in 1991, in DC, wow huge news… no one did that… I remember how graceful the Queen was during it. Now that’s what a lady is, GRACEFUL 

I teared up a few times, I did have a light bulb moment, when hearing of her passing, made me smile from the heart. I realized that I WILL get to meet the Queen! I WILL in HEAVEN! I know the Queen spoke often, especially in her Christmas messages, about Jesus. Her messages and ability to share always touched my heart. And because of Jesus, holding onto those who call Him Lord,  I will get to meet the Queen in Heaven. 

I AM going to meet her, thamks to “I AM”, and at that point, I am hoping to give her a hug! 

Now that a follower of Jesus,  SAVED. A rainbow showed at the palace. A promise kept.

God SAVED the Queen. 

God Rest the Queen. 




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