5 years ago… God Provided… He Still Does!


5 years ago on Facebook today I wrote about God’s faithfulness in providing finances and also I wrote remembered the previous year when I was also worrying about money and saw coins all along my walk… Yeah God provided the reminder and the cash flow… He still does. 

How quickly we forget that we have YEARS of God’s provisions… He got us thru or at least will get us into a plan to rework the oops-es and uh-ohs… In this 2017 post I worried about shoulders and Subarus… the success stories we forget about… God came thru!

Now sure I have different bills (well still Subaru bills but not brakes), but All in All, I saw that God doesn’t change, and provided while I was relying upon Him! He is Faithful!


2017 Facebook 

Was walking up the hill stressing about money and this dime was on the road…

Money… as my car is in the shop for brakes and inspection…  I also was thinking about my next shoulder surgery and PT $$$ for October and thinking about the money for other stuff too –  and then I came across this dime on the ground…

and it reminded me last year [2016] I was walking with my neighbor and worrying about money and all of a sudden on our walk there was a quarter and a dime and a nickel and I knew it was a sure sign from God that He will provide… Just keep looking towards Him and He will provide…

And so yeah was thinking all that when I came across this dime… 

and the Subaru passed inspection with only brakes needed… Cool…

And the shoulder will get closer to 100%.. Cool…

And God will provide… Blessedly cool!

I’ll keep walking…. Yup! 


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