The Rain Delays of Life and Death


Imagine I saw a whole professional football game in a big stadium with a roaring interactive crowd, park food, OUTSIDE FUN (75 degrees, no bugs!). Yeah food (Old Bay fries and cheese sauce, sausage, ice cream, yeah!) Fun. Except for I was not in a football stadium, I was in a baseball park in a rain delay watching on a jumbotron, not the football stadium, LOL. The crowd mostly was very light because both of the rain and because they wanted to be home to watch the football away game. Even the stadium workers wanted to watch. Haha, they did. Every jumbotron and elevator TV was reset to watch an EXCITING game.  So we waited with best attitudes as this was a rain delay of rain delays. And with life and death that’s what we do as well, WAIT with the BEST ATTITUDE. 

Essentially the “take home” message here is that we have to WAIT in life on Earth, it is a rain delay for Heaven, let’s make the most of it while God is preparing as many of His people as possible to come Home. Life in Heaven is a wait for the faithful. Life forever is worth the wait.

I think it’s fitting that I got a rain delay for the ballpark, a free game I won in a fundraiser, so I was careful not to over-hype my excitement to myself. Because if it didn’t go as planned, I wouldn’t be crushed. It didn’t, I moved forward anyway.  I was excited about a major league baseball game but did not know if it would become a rain delay, we wouldn’t know until we got there… really there’s no good online or radio source on whether they’re really holding the game or not, you simply had to go there to WAIT… THAT’S LIFE! We are in many rain delays of circumstances. It doesn’t go as planned, move forward anyway. 

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.

Waiting. But complaining would not help this. Waiting in delays means making the most of the day. We were late, weren’t even settled in to watch the game before it got delayed. But our goal was eating our way thru the park anyway, being together, we achieved that.

In the preparation for a drive to the unknown delay, I was getting food for child number one (who came back from college special for the day) and in the drive thru there was a tremendous backlog of cars… Like no one wants to go out in the rain so they waited. And like no one wants to make expensive sugar drinks at home, so we all waited. And like even with 10 workers you were waiting 20 minutes. No one complained. I just kept praising the staff, it helped them.

Waiting. Complaining would not help. (The staff were working so hard too.) Waiting in this delay I found pause for the day. 

I was not complaining for many reasons this day, especially for the fact it was September 11th, we count blessings on this day –  that we pull our kids and loved ones more closely. That day, we cherished life, we waited. WAITED for news, hope, understanding. 

Waiting. Many are still waiting. God bless them in their wait on You.

Waiting this day at the ballpark in the warm rain, I decided I would NOT complain (free game, sept 11th, with my daughter) because I ALSO knew this day was sandwiched between 2 funerals: one for a mom with kids and one for a kid of a heartbroken mom and dad and family. Really, I was not waiting on my most important role that day, since I was actively being a mom at the moment (both to the one present and the one at home). That’s where I was. THAT’S WHERE I AM. There is no delay in being a mom. No wait. Worries yes, but my willingness to hand all to God helps. Gratitude goes a long way.

God helped me the day before too, in a mournful waiting at the funeral calling hours for a fellow church mom, just 6 years older than me, a sudden terminal illness… As I had time waiting, fittingly to ponder life, so many were showing an outpouring of love and support, so many were processing the active process of grieving. I happily thought about the last time I saw her at her house. She made me a cup of tea. Mint tea. I remembered that it was mint, years later, wow. And that memory waited inside me to make me smile at her hospitality and warmth. That memory waited long enough to drop in just at the right time to discuss the memory with her adoring husband who waited to greet each person. His processing will be in the waiting to see her again. The memories make the moment – the wait made better. 

At the ballpark, we waited to see how they rerolled the tarp and recreated the white lines. They swept water from the grass to hidden drains. They were excited the wait was over, and they worked double hard in excitement and know the game will go on…

Heaven awaits. You may think you are in a rain delay, because the truth is God already made the Heavens ready for us and yet He wants us here on earth for certain reasons known to Him. The Word, Jesus, was also made for the wait – He describes in His Words why we wait on God, what we are waiting for, and how we are to wait and know the game will go on…. The Word was made for the wait. And when we wait upon Him, we are in wonder-ful wait. 

If life is a rain delay for Heaven, just wait and make the best. Heaven is a wait for loved ones too, they wait for us WITH the Best.

In life, life WILL go on… in Heaven, life IS on. There is no Reign delay during a rain delay. 

Live best. Love best. Be.


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