How Strange How Random, 15Oct – #283



This writing is dedicated to my friend Pastor “P”, I “pulled a Pastor P” and randomly prayed for someone…

How Strange How Random, 15Oct

I can’t be expected to understand most of the things God puts in my path, NO one could… There is no way to figure it all out… Understanding a couple things a day is a blessing… I understand that my weight loss and new found healthy initiative is not just about me, yes it’s a little for me, a lot for my family who depends on me, but a WHOLE lot for encouragement to everyone else to get inspired to get healthier… I get that God, I am happy complying on that one… I get easily three to five people a day who ask about it and I freely share my “secrets” to healthy eating, which aren’t really secrets… The bonus I get back is this nice stream of compliments… Even from a random grocery store shopper today, she loved my blue flowy dress, she’s a nurse and we chatted health and meditation and she complimented how healthy and happy I looked… God knows it feels good to hear those things, even though it’s God’s eye, not the human eye, that I am trying to please…

Anyways…. So what’s up with today, God? Random… Gas station guy in a Cadillac.. No cash, he seems frantic… picked me to ask for help, a more unusual event then the rest of the week combined… Something about him having no cash, had to pay a cash locksmith fee half a hour away, a golf ball setting off the security system, ADT fines, police fire fines, forgetting debit cards at office the other direction, and trying to prove to me that he was legit with this whole stack of credit cards and IDs… Whew!!!! And he’s trying to sell the place, just him and his wife and dog, and huh? I am a fast processor but this whateverness???

…. ME??? he randomly picked ME to ask in a gas station of bays of thirty cars? I AM patient God, therefore you must have picked me for him, picked me to listen and understand, I get that, God… Money? did I have ten or twenty dollars? I don’t care if you are driving a Cadillac, have Donald Trump hair and stylish clothes, that’s not my nature (I am not stupid) to give out money… Which I told him, and I had none… But I did listen for clarity, I just tried to understand and work thru his dilemma WITH him for three minutes, THAT I could give… Just a little of my time is free (don’t tell my boss)… Clarity, oh!!!…. Three minutes later he reworded and it clicked in my head, he would pay for my gas fill up and I would get the cash from the ATM… Oh that computes in my brain… Oh that’s okay… I processed that it was safe to do that… So he pumped 25 bucks of gas into my car, and YES my car was completely locked and safe and I walked into the convenience store and got out 25 bucks. Ok, no harm no foul (i think… unless he wasn’t supposed to have cash – I hope I didn’t enable something wrong)

Then as I walked out, I thought ‘you know? either way I should pull a “Pierre” and ask to pray for him!’… Pierre is a friend Pastor that is thrilled to run up to random people and ask if he can pray for them… so that’s what I did… I figured he could always say no but he said YES… so as he’s getting back in his car, I said: “Kevin, I am asking God to just fix and do whatever he can do for you, whatever it is, and see him thru his challenges”. It was the most random discombobulated jumbled prayer I have ever blurted out… but I know God got the meaning and Kevin smiled and then went on his way. He probably thought I was nuts (which I am) but I bet I wasn’t any more random than he was… because God has random things for us to do… They are random whateverness, in our minds, but God figures it all out. The last thing, before Kevin sped off, I said “oh thanks for pumping my gas”… See, I really don’t like to put my own gas so my hands don’t get stinky… I can do it no problem but I don’t like the smell of gas on my hand and if I can get full service I do… and this one time I forgot to fill up at home at the full service was already thinking I have to pump my own gas, ugh…. So randomly some guy pumped gas for me today…hmmm… “Well, THANKS God”… I’ll take that as a side benefit for today randomness whateverness…. God only knows… Only God…

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