Fasting #2, 01NOV #290 part 2


290 Fasting, #2, 01NOV

So, a couple friends asked me about fasting…. My.cousin in (a strong fit 70 yr old) told me that when you do yoga you should fast twice a month… So, I do it for BOTH health and spiritual reasons… And it really does help remind you NOT to do mindless eating… To be conscious on all thoughts… Last time I fasted (Sunday after Halloween excesses), I mindlessly grabbed and nibbled on something small not out of hunger but out of mindlessness and then a second later said, “WAIT! I am fasting today”…. And it clued me in that I wasn’t as focused as I thought… That subconscious emotionally eating happens in a flash.. Emotional eating is both for stress and for rewarding… Like I said before, I didn’t hate myself or my body, I just didn’t realize the damage I was doing mindlessly… now I realize to “treat my body like a temple”…. the real reason that I have a mind, that I exist, and I am happy is because of God’s graces. I rewarded myself with ice cream and snacks, sugared drinks just as much if not more than when I would do negative stress eating… Had a nearly a pint of ice cream after shoveling snow last year as a reward… That mindless arm to mouth motion… So yeah even now I am not perfect under control for mindless eating, but at least THIS time I grabbed a healthier option… This time I mindlessly ate a pack of tasty mustard… Free at the stores, and gives a feeling of a treat… A great tool when you feel that stress…

When you autonomously eat and act, you are not clued into the life you were gifted to have… When you break the fast, you should do it purposefully – this time I broke my fast by gratefully sitting with my family for dinner. I eat purposefully all the time now… Filling my body with good healthy stuff, and purposefully a treat on occasion, especially this birthday/Halloween week. So, you all know me… it’s not over the top for me to jump for joy in my life… The joy and praise I have is for GOD giving me the gift of a NEW LIFE, life is for living, life is for mindfulness, life is for praising…


(I could post a photo of the difference that nine months makes…. If one could have a baby in nine months, then one could certainly change your WHOLE life in nine months too! and God did that for me – thank you Lord!)

291 meme

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