Fasting, 01NOV – #290


290 Fasting, 01NOV

Why am I fasting today? Um, I am not sure…. But it’s a combo of things…. Fasting from food to remember God, yes it’s a very valid reason, but honestly I can easily fast nowadays, so hmmm just doesn’t seem I have done enough sacrifice to serve the ALL in ALL magnitude of our majestic God, to feel the sacrifice of HIS son… I hope my fast is not diluted in meaning when also I fast from food for diet health because I certainly overdid the sugar treats this birthday and Halloween week (not excessive but still)…..

Yeah, probably the real reason I am fasting today is to simply to remind myself that I have been blessed to hunger for the Word instead of food… and that 100% is what factored into fifty pounds weight loss(to date), I just changed everything… Since I don’t hunger for food, now I get to place just the right body nourishing foods into my temple for God. So healthy food nourishes, therefore I think I need a better fast to focus on HIM in a way that helps me remember withdrawal and lacking and the suffering Jesus had… Maybe, just for one day, I should stay away from feeling happy for myself? Or maybe I should not internalize so many compliments I’m getting lately both for my writing and for my improved health? Maybe I should not be so proud of myself? Maybe I need to sacrifice doing things I enjoy? Hmmmm… Fasting from critique? Fasting from judgment? Fasting from self righteous thoughts? Do I need that? Yeah, I need to withdraw from feeding my head… I wonder if I need to witness that I am truly giving up something, that I am really sacrificing… What should it be, Lord??? How?….

Maybe I also need to fast from self pity, anger, frustration at my situation and other people’s situations…. WAIT…. NO…. Maybe withdrawal from stress is NOT what I should fast, but instead add extra prayer about it all…it’s really about asking Jesus to hold hands in stress AND in JOY… And of course what if these events are NOT for me to control? What if these are affirmations and challenges FROM God? From and through other people, who go out of their way to do or say complimentary things…. So yes, I have been blessed from God working in them… And they want to encourage me… Hmmmmm…. THIS complicates things because I can NOT fast from the works of people… Even if i escape the world, those people still would be there working to bless all I hold dear… Maybe just maybe… What if I’m not supposed to fast from feelings at all? Maybe am I supposed to feel ALL those feelings and use them ALL to remember that God is the one who will help me through the feelings, good and bad… Elation and sorrow… ALL in ALL…

Yes, God is the one who brings rich blessings… So to be enriched by others, joy and strife, it’s a gift, I am comforted and blessed to feel every feeling… praising HIS works… Today, I remember it’s God in me to do HIS works. I am made from God in spirit and flesh, HE wants all of me to work on FIRE for HIM. From dust (stardust) I came, and to dust I will return… Fire burns longest from solid fuel sources, and Jesus-fuel will never cease burning… GRACE has brought me safe thus far and Grace will bring me home…

Fasting or not, it’s God’s saving plan.. I’ll think about TODAY and EVERYDAY….

God’s AMAZING GRACE. God focuses everything and anything for HIS plan in my life…

I will NEVER fast from God

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