Last night a Godly woman spoke that she saw or heard repeating words or actions from people and wondered if it was a sign of God… I am sure it is! We were talking about beatitude blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God… And of course I was so excited because the words HOPE, BROKENNESS, and JOY are my repeat words during these last 2 weeks… repeating word HOPE on Monday was one of those God things that tickled my senses, especially when you see a license plate with the word HOPE after conversing with God the whole car ride home…The word Brokenness has been in so many conversations this week and applied to so many places and so many people…  Of course repeating word “joy” didn’t even raise an eyebrow with me because that word is like constant in my life…

Fittingly I was singing a “new song” yesterday… I hear those words again… I sing and live those words… “We bring our HOPE – we bring our JOY – our BROKENNESS to you…”

Yeah, I love God repeats, the key of “blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God” is that when we start to look for God in childlike wonders He does not disappoint…

My Jewish friend and I discussed Yom Kippur and fasting – I love our diverse faith discussions – so today I will fast and pray as well… And I will remember that Jesus came to give us HOPE, to squeeze our BROKENNESS together in order to make us whole and lift us to JOY… I have so much Joy… Paul Simon writes: “I’m just jittery, that’s just the way of dealing with my joy!”

I’m glad I don’t have to explain seeing the face of Jesus on a potato chip like they tried in the 1970’s; people already think I’m crazy but potato chips is a tough sell… Therefore I am so blessed that I can just say God is in everything good…

When I look at God in everything, God smiles back…. repeatedly…

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