God’s Validation is for Real!!!! 24OCT – #447



God’s Validation is for Real!!!! 24OCT

You never usually go to the driver’s license place at lunch time – usually crazy lines -but I knew I gotta get this license renewed today because tomorrow is my birthday, and I was in between tasks, and I was also stressing about lots of things – the whole day I felt the Lord was delaying me by doing HIS work, not my work work…

In hindsight it must have been God who just said “Let’s go NOW to the license center”…

No lines!!!

Always God’s timing and I got my ticket, went right up to the counter and pleasantly got my new license.. at the end she says congratulations on your weight loss (she must have seen it in my photos because I didn’t mention it)… so I start my 5 minute elevator speech about how God says your body is a temple so start taking care of it – and explained putting a scoop of protein in my oatmeal to get extra protein and a few other quick health tips…

She (Angie) smiled and immediately says “God must send messages – because this morning I put a scoop of protein in my oatmeal just thinking maybe I should do this, but for no good reason!”

Boom, I bent to my knee in delight – wow wow wow…. We both giggled in the delight of God’s timing… WOW… I babbled on – protein at lunch – nuts, peanut butter – lots of fruit and veggies – and pulled this apple out of my pocket and she pulled an apple out of hers – dang….

Shine your LIGHT Lord – meet us here in this place! – HOLY IS THE LORD – You are a good and all powerful and awesome God!!! You tickle me with delight in YOUR ways…

I shared my health Facebook page link with her (please keep her in prayers for better health)…

I am SO BLESSED to work for God in this line of witness – we don’t always know what skills of ours He uses – so it’s bonus to feel HIS affirmations!!! Like those repeat scriptures and words that keep coming up…

LORD, THANKS for validating my license ticket and my PRAISE ticket. . .

Validated – Thanks Lord…

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