Hope in the Lord, 26OCT – #448



Hope in the Lord, 26OCT

Last night I reminded my pre-teen son that God is always with us, He agrees… He thinks about and prays to God often… Today he was wearing his red plastic cross. God gives him HOPE.

Up at five AM today, I had to make up lost time at work and was able to see the gifted sunrise Subaru style… A ten hour day, plus two hour driving, scouts, errands, home… finally got to sit with my son at 9pm… Hopeful that I can crack either the whip or crack the puzzle of getting him to do his homework…

I let him color for half an hour before I forced him to start overdue work – six assignments behind in English. He’s smart and “knows it already”, and has got better things to do… Yup, he’s pulled back the curtain on the educational system wizard and doesn’t like the overworked old-fashioned man standing there telling him what homework to do, or what hoops to jump thru… Sigh, God gave me a smarty pants, but my son would rather wear shorts…

So tonight, it’s nice seeing him intently working on his gifted bible coloring book (my daughter finished her book already)…It’s purposeful therapy with hopeful hope-filled messages… (and he likes having sharpee markers like his sister’s)…

Finally a breakthrough and we find online the homework rubric which he lost – and he starts working with ease – if I help just a little then there is HOPE for homework to work… I HOPE as God finds ways for me to renew my focus – to be there more often as his company during homework hope-work… HOPE to work on sharing in the Lord’s work of encouragement… I pray to show my son HOPE not just hoops.

This is like how we can place our HOPE in the Lord, not in man or machines, but in eternal teachings… In God’s plan…

Lord knows we hope for many things, never knowing what will come true – but we can always HOPE, simply and solely, in the Lord because He is true, steadfast, all-knowing, and has our best interest in mind!

I’m exhausted tonight, but I have HOPE…
HOPE in sleep, HOPE in a future… Something shifted for me two weeks ago, and the WORD “HOPE” repeats and repeats…

I have HOPE in tomorrow as another chance to see my HOPE in the Lord grow, to love more deeply His ways. “As surely as the sun rises, he will appear”

God knows what He plans; He knows which seeds to water.

I yearn to learn – to understand Him more every dawn… to feel HIS nourishing rains, and to see my children grow… They are HIS children that He graciously lent to me for raising up to HIS glorification…

Thank You Lord, for extending time…
Thank You Lord, for my children…
Thank you Lord, for the HOPE everlasting…

Hosea 6:3 (NIV)

3 Let us acknowledge the Lord;
let us press on to acknowledge him.
As surely as the sun rises,
he will appear;
he will come to us like the winter rains,
like the spring rains that water the earth.”

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