“What Her Heart Remembered” song, 01Dec – #508



“What Her Heart Remembered” song, 01Dec

You know, as powerful and meaningful “Come to the Cradle” is to me as my awakening song, my FAVORITE song in Michael Card’s “the Promise”, which we will present Christmas eve Sunday morning, is the blissful “What her heart remembered”.

This song’s lyric “He would weep A dark so deep, For all her love, She couldn’t comprehend”, tells of the great sorrow Jesus had and has for the lost souls.

In Michael Card’s biblical imagination of his lyrics, we can imagine that Jesus must have had and still has deep cries – knowing, even as a baby, about the brokenness of the world, a continuous conscious stream of every day between Easter and the second coming – imagine HIS sorrow of all the lost sheep…  and this world could not understand – Mary could not – nor we could ever understand the depth of those cries of Jesus..

In between those dark times of not understanding His cries, we can also imagine that Mary could “live in the moment” and feel the bliss of being with baby Jesus… Her baby AND her King…

BLISS is my new favorite word for this Christmas…  we can “live in the moment” – sometimes in sorrow and struggle but always touched with a feeling of bliss knowing we will go home to our Lord…  a feeling of bliss while still being so ever watchful for Jesus’s return…

And I love singing this song of bliss and learning… “marvelous memories” that I too ponder and hide in my heart…

Thanks Jesus, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and blissful rebirth to us…



And here’s Michael Card original on YouTube – so beautiful a portrayal


Here are the lyrics, I have written about this song before, but just like Christmas comes every year, it’s good to relive marvelous memories….

“Out in the stable yard
She sees a glow
Could it be angel light?
How would she know?
Shepherds stand wondering
Afraid to come in
But the baby that’s born tonight
Will free them all
To never fear again

“As He lies in a cattle trough
She kneels by His side
Sweet baby breathing
Soft infant sighs
Soft sounds of swallowing
As soft fingers part
Marvelous memories
She pondered then and hid them in her heart

“Like a good
Mother would
Sh learned His cries
If He’d awake
With a bellyache
From hunger or fright
But now and then
Sometimes when
The dark would descend
He would weep
A dark so deep
For all her love
She couldn’t comprehend

“Her warm loving carpenter
His strong gentle hands
His dark and bewildered eyes
Can they understand?
That this Baby she’s given him
Is theirs for a time
In truth came to give Himself
The Treasure and the
Ransom of mankind”

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