Math as a Spiritual Gift, 06Dec – #509



Math as a Spiritual Gift, 06Dec

It’s Saint Nicholas Day – December 6th… A gift would be left in your shoes in old Europe, or in my case on a fancy favorite campground plate! Yeah, my Czech-heritage mom said St Nicholas would take our Christmas wish lists (set out the night before on a special plate) and leave us this huge plate of goodies, yum candy!!! Later as we became teens the plates were filled a bit more practically – like toothpaste and deodorant and socks or stockings, but still some candy…. A tradition on Dec 6th, and St. Nick didn’t disappoint… In college, St. Nick even managed to mail goodies to this dorm room bound homesick girl… Yeah, blessed… blessed gifts!

Today I am thinking of another gift – the gift of math for our use and for our study – but is math really a spiritual gift? Or is math a tool that man developed? Or is math an unveiling of a certain section of our minds for use of divine understanding? Is it a gift for connecting with the great Mathematician in the sky who has counted the uncountable, and has dreamed of spiral Golden Rule ratios to decorate His kingdom with spirals of snail shell to match whorls of flower petals and pinecones? I think so… Yeah I am pretty sure God loves math…

Fascinating nature gives way to FABULOUS Fibonacci numbers which abound in beautiful ways… just look at a sunflower, or a daisy spiral… Why Lord? Why use the most elegant of math to decorate the most transient of wildflowers? Why tantalize math people? Tell me Lord, is looking deeper and deeper into a Mandelbrot set like looking deep into the crevices of Your brain? Or to understand the divine nature that formulated the crevices in our brains?

Lord, if we let YOU do the math, then we find that YOU are timeless…

Lord, if we let YOU do the math, then we find that YOU are infinite…

Your Word endures forever, Your Son, the Word, is also on Your timeline… We become Your sliding beads of the Master Abacus… Jesus keeps us vined as we slide away or spin, our bead will stay connected because You are counting us… You are counting on us… Math, it is all about the MATH…

It’s all God’s LOVE…

Happy St Nicholas Day, may your plate be filled with God’s plans, today and ALWAYS…


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