“That I Might Live”, 11MAR – #537



“That I Might Live”, 11MAR

The repeat message for me these days is that Christ died so we could LIVE… But that repeat should not surprise me, that IS the point of LENT into Easter, the repeat message is Jesus came and is coming again, and the prayer is for us to know WHY… why would He work so hard for our Father, and die? why? “That I might LIVE”….

It’s Lent, sadly I have ignored it mostly so far,  just been busy,,, hard to figure out the seasonal cues this year too with wacky weather… I know Easter is coming, but I’m not ready – mentally or otherwise…

But there is still time, there is hope… We can focus on the message if we choose to.

The disciples were ignorant too… Not that I should use that as an excuse… It’s true that the closest followers of Christ saw miracles and performed miracles, and yet they were ignorant – actually the scripture from Mark (6:52) said “their hearts were hardened”…  WOW… (Michael Card’s book drove this point home for me)…  Yes, Jesus chose folks just like us – HUMAN… hardened hearts miss miracles…

What ceremonial thing should I “give up for lent?” Surely NOT chocolate this year… nope, the best thing I can give up is my ignorance. The best thing i can learn is to LIVE… I can choose to see the gifts every minute that God gives me, especially when I have gifted time to think about Him…

I can choose to give up ignorance… I can choose to see miracles all around…

Christ had compassion for His lost sheep… people are lost… yet my eyes were opened by God thru Christ… I don’t know why me,  why do i get to see the beauty amid the nasty parts of the age we live in? Why do I get to LIVE? Teach? Sing? Praise? Feel JOY? Love? Smile? Because Jesus took compassion to save me and I listened that JOY comes from the Lord…

My heart WAS and IS softened by God bringing me to Jesus – and it’s up to me to keep it from drying out… LENT brings Living Water as a repeat cleansing hydration… we need it… ours and my most cherished gift from God is to LIVE for Him. My ignorance is still great, but Jesus has compassion on me and us… He came to save all… one at a time… every one of us…

The last line of the song “Amazing Love” drives home that Jesus is driving us HOME… I remember now that I should buckle up, it’s Easter… time to LIVE.

And thru Jesus I will LIVE again… Amazing…

Amazing Love…

537 that i might live

Lyrics: Amazing Love (My Lord what Love is this),  Graham Kendrick

My Lord, what love is this
That pays so dearly
That I, the guilty one
May go free!

Amazing love, O what sacrifice
The Son of God given for me
My debt he pays, and my death he dies
That I might live, that I might live.

And so they watched him die
Despised, rejected
But oh, the blood he shed
Flowed for me!

And now, this love of Christ
Shall flow like rivers
Come wash your guilt away
Live again!

Amazing love, O what sacrifice
The Son of God given for me
My debt he pays, and my death he dies
That I might live, that I might live
That I might LIVE!

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