God Watches, 26May – #562



God Watches, 26May

My friend said I could share this true story that shows God is watching out for us even if we are not doing the right things…

After a band gig, a friend’s husband was putting his equipment in his truck. He always locks his truck in between runs because his equipment is expensive. So on one run he comes out and his door is wide open and someone is inside passed out in the driver’s seat, so the cops came and took the man home. Turns out the passed out man mistook the truck for his and after he couldn’t start it he passed out   But my friend’s husband insists he had locked his truck, he said he remembers doing it – so how did he get in? Everyone says someone’s life was saved that night because if that man had gotten into his own truck and driven he certainly would have crashed….

God watches she says, she wonders how the truck got opened, but surely she doesn’t wonder why… 😉

God watches…

God saves…

God is cool…



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