Our Daily Bread, 02NOV – #612



Our Daily Bread, 02NOV

From saying the Lord’s Prayer today at a funeral…

The Lord’s prayer brought me spirited tears, I was in a roomful of prayer, spoken at a funeral just now…. this brought me to new insight of His love and my deepest tears flowed… the love shared was overflowing… my friend’s father was a tremendous man and faithful child of God sharing His love.  Deep in his faith, he glowed with joy thru thick and thin, 84 years, no complaining even at the end… he shared this same love of God, which comes from God, with everyone…

The most amazing understanding I just realized while praying “and give us this day our Daily Bread” is that God’s gift of Daily Bread is not bread at all,  it’s not bread, not food, not money, not things – although He provides those things too as nourishment in just right quantities not excessively unless He puts you into the job to share His abundance. He wants us to spread His wealth of love.

See, God’s gift of Daily Bread is HIMSELF – His SPIRIT – for our hope, our life now every day – all thru the life-giving connection of Jesus.  God, our Father, connected thru all these souls just now and they all reaffirmed Him as Daily Bread – Jesus filled the room when everyone prayed… Love filled the room when they prayed – a Spirit of family filled the room when they prayed – our Daily Bread was and is our fill with nourishing Faith….

“Give us this day our Daily Bread” – this makes us realize that Jesus is in motion – daily… to awake us to see how the Holy Spirit made this moment happen… allow us to see hear feel how God loves us by being one with Him….

Your gift of Daily Bread was accepted today Lord, Thank You! You just filled our spirits with HOPE, You overflowed our hearts with Living Water, and our tears had to spill out the excess… Tomorrow will be a new mix of tears and joy – please give us our Daily Bread tomorrow too, Lord, and thank you for feeding the world on faith.

Connectedness to each other is God’s way of connecting us to Jesus our brother – our Father gives us everything we need, especially each other.

Thank you for filling my soul today Lord!


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