Re-living of “Back in the Boat”, SEP, 29MAR – #669



Important old writing – new re-living of “Back in the Boat”, SEP, 29MAR

Yes, in life, one has to keep a good grip on Jesus’s hand… having stress is between you and Him, He helps the resolution but also He helps how we handle stress to move forward…. if Jesus says “give it to Me”,  He REALLY means it!

I have a particular stress that re-occurs and will continue to re-occur – that stressor does not go away but listening to Jesus helps me reduce that stress – I pray to listen and know what to do as that situation and new ones may not go away…

It is crucial that I re-live Jesus’s saving moment more than I relive the stress that caused me to reach to Him… I remember the saving feeling… I was there… and I have my little drawing of Jesus pulling me out of the water. The sketch taped at my desk where He did just that – He says our faith is what saves us… touch the robe, grab the hand – it is 100% true.

Jesus is at the right hand of the Father – so He is also anchored while He grabs for us…

I pray to not lose grip of His Hand… His save is the physical moment of “You were running a good race, who cut into you to stop you from obeying the truth”. The truth is that we are still in the race…

The truth is Jesus.


Here is the original post:

Yesterday after stressing about a really bad situation on and off for a couple of weeks, I was stressing awful… Yikes, my stress was thru the roof that very instant!!!! But WOW, how Jesus calmed it….I won’t tell you what those stressors were, but this was my text message to a friend immediately after my heart was released from that pain….. The stressor didn’t go away, but giving it to God made all the difference…

“Wow, I was just feeling so stressed this morning and it caused a real physical heart heaviness feeling, but it’s now GONE due to a refocus on Jesus….  stress pen chewing, gum, and I ate my lunch early, no help, stressing my heart SO heavy…. And so a friend came into my office, she is a good Christian friend and I was able to explain to her this tremendous stress feeling (and what caused it)… And then I explained that often when I was feeling under a storm I would ask Jesus to come back into my boat… when I (like Peter) reached my hand up, out of the water while sinking, that I could re-focus….  So, while telling her this, I actually motioned up, reaching for Jesus with my hand and grabbing HIS… And I am not kidding, my heart felt such instant relief!!!!! It was amazing, instant relief, the heaviness gone!!!!! WOW!!!!!
Good God!!!!
Thank you Jesus for this peace!!! ”

I told another friend about this amazing release feeling and she said: “Welcome back into the boat!”


back in the boat meme with web

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