Rehydrate the Word, 26JUL – #719



Rehydrate the Word, 26JUL

A flat communion wafer was held and beautifully illuminated above my head this morning then placed into my hands, destined for my feeding. I wish I had a photo – but I surely have another vivid memory.

I remember my childhood – more vivid memories of that particular communion wafer taste of my youth, it was so cardboard like and yet I still savor that taste. Thankfully now I savor the Savior.

That memory, like the wafer, was pressed and processed into my mind. Even if they have strict recommendations about taking communion in a Catholic church, I thought how nobody there would know how many confessions I have missed in 30 plus years. So, I did take communion this day… Most people did… No one stopped me (I figured Jesus was not too keen on man-made rules anyway).

I wanted Jesus for real. I took communion because I want to share in Him – the living Christ…  “Lord I am not worthy, but only say the Word and I shall be healed”. Jesus said the Word. Jesus is the Word.

Just like the dried flat wafer, we have to REHYDRATE the Word, give it fresh new life, change the shape of our lives, heal and grow to be re-nurtured and to be fed.

Our sharing is contingent on our own nourishment – we must take in Jesus to apply Jesus…

Jesus as the Word does not change – but our spirits are appreciative of being re-hydrated. It is our own application of Living Water that makes the flat pages of the Word in the bible become real.

Jesus is Rehydrated, Re-Living, Resurrected and Real…

We become Re-born when Jesus becomes Real to us.


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