Your Temple is for the Glory of God, 10OCT – #752



Your Temple is for the Glory of God, 10OCT

There’s nothing like the realization that the Lord has led you somewhere (AGAIN!)…. Led you to a place in your life NOT by your own meandering but mostly by His Hand… Where you realize the Lord has spoken into your future, and He has you cornered EXACTLY where He wants you – and you realize He has given you renewed purpose, given you a job that you never applied for – all to benefit Him and His people – especially forcing you to give Him praise. 

I am the handmaiden of the Lord (Luke 1:38).

I owe EVERYTHING good in my life to Him. I accept every challenge to my life with a hope that I will succeed BECAUSE OF HIM.

I’m talking about EVERYTHING in life, but today I am talking about one of American’s biggest battlesOURSELVES.  We ignore the Lord, we ignore the TRUTH that He will power us thru challenges. It’s not that we don’t believe in the Holy Spirit’s power, but we forget (I forget) about calling upon His Power and Direction! We forget to call on Him first. We don’t realize how completely influential He can be in ALL aspects of our personal battles. Well HE IS. He wants to be the mover of our mountains. GOD IS THE GREAT I AM.

Today I am in a phase of talking again about healthy eating. (*phase 1, hoping to start exercising again too* – hoping)… Not weight-loss but self-loss and God-gain. Changing anything that you can change for the Lord’s benefit to use you to speak into the lives of others. Your gains for God. I am recommitting (AGAIN) to speaking about HIM as the source of ALL good things in my life,  because He is.

I’m SO blessed with the people that the Lord has gifted into my life. I hear the challenge to regain my “loss of self”, to wake back up…. Jesus knows I was starting to fall back asleep and He wants me to eliminate some sleep from my eyes, gradually lose the weight that I gradually regained both in order to live better but also so that I credit Him – He calls me back to recommit myself back to HIM.

When I get lost in myself,  He says (AGAIN): Take care of your temple which was created for praising ME, your Lord.

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own...” 1 Corinthians

We get lost in ourselves. We really do, we are human… We need to find Him in the gentle whisper that breaks thru our internal static and quiets the external stimuli.

Case in point, I point to myself, my passport has expired, I should have been paying more attention and be ready to travel, I am not. But now I can look at that 10-year old photo and remember that face, but only barely…  I am a new child in God compared to then. The smile on the old passport photo reminds me that my struggles weren’t so bad, I was a normal on-the-go American in a carb-rich world, classic emotional eating…  But, I couldn’t fit into the amusement park seats, I had induced and accelerated bad knees, I was less of a “Little Debbie” but became a candidate for “Little Diabetes”. I was old before my prime. I am human. Then Jesus woke me up. The smile on my face started to glow from seeing the Lord (I have a star-framed photo of me for how I found Jesus by walking towards His Christmas Star for guidance of His birth in me). The Lord gave me motivation, tools and friends at the right times to remove the layers of self-inflicted damage.  He has now called me to “do it again” thru HIM and renew a re-correction of myself into His Temple. I am HIS TOOL, His experiment,  His handmaiden.  I serve Him NOT for a boast in me, or from my will power, but His Power which is willed into me.

I boast only in the Lord…. The Lord melted me. The Lord can melt the mountains of our own selves. He can handle challenges inhibiting anyone from abundant life realization and He will bless everyone who looks to HIM.

My job is to be a witness to His power.  God is the biggest influence and inspiration anyone would ever need. Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

I fear the Lord enough to know that He wants me to give Him all the Glory. And tell my story as His-story.

Our friends, whom are also driven by the Holy Spirit within them, can be instrumental in our lives. Mine are Godsends. Holy Spirit-powered. We can be that too for others.

Share JOY. Share Jesus.

Shed self, gain Spirit.

Jesus Himself is the driving force of our re-renewal of taking care of our Temples of God within.

Number one lesson: put the Lord in charge of your life – ALL ASPECTS!!!

Then Watch for God!

From Proverbs 16:

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans…..  

In their hearts humans plan their course,  but the Lord establishes their steps….. 

Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord….



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