Wind and Waves – Sharp Words from Jesus, 13Oct – #753



Wind and Waves – Sharp Words from Jesus, 13Oct

In my practicing of great praise songs, including “Oceans” and “My Lighthouse”, I remember that: “The wind and waves still know His name”… Jesus can still handle all our storms. That we will get “safe to shore”…

Why do we doubt that the Lord can handle ALL of our storms?

Let us take a step back: Jesus is always with us, so why do we doubt that we will survive these current and future storms? Jesus was sleeping in the middle of what was probably a common storm for the Sea of Galilee – and yet it crept up on the disciples. When Jesus was awakened,  as the disciples were afraid, either He scolded the disciples, or He simply asked surprisingly: “Why are you afraid?” They were, and so are we…  Yet in the middle of that and our sudden storms, Jesus asks: ‘Do you trust Me? Don’t you realize you will be OK?’

Well, we do but not always and sometimes we plain don’t. We want to believe that we will be OK, yet we want to see the lighthouse. We want the waves and winds to settle down. We worry and we are not any different than everyone else, we are all in the same boat.

Oh! We are ALL in the same boat. EVEN JESUS. ESPECIALLY JESUS.

What did Jesus do? Jesus TALKED sharply to the wind and waves. Jesus talked calmly to the disciples but JESUS TALKED SHARPLY to the storm. Jesus “Used His Words“… Jesus would also tell us to: “Use our Words”, to tell the wind and waves to calm themselves down, to storm another day. Jesus would urge us, while we rest in Him, let the wind and waves work themselves out for a while. Because we can start to use OUR Words to tell the storms that we are UNWAVERING in our calmness – tell the storms Jesus is already IN the boat with us. “The winds and waves still know His name” (the lyric from Oceans).

Our words can be HIS WORD. Our power can come from HIS POWER. All we need to do is invoke His name.

Surely, the Lord has seen us each thru many storms. I pray we get more and more understanding that we will be OK, but we have to remind ourselves of that DAILY. That’s what old storm memories and new storms brewing can both do, make us look to Jesus.

If Jesus is sleeping in our boat, then maybe it is because He trusts us to work things out on His behalf. Yes, perhaps we can speak into the storms ourselves. Yes, we can. Perhaps we can even first steer clear of the next storm…

Sometimes all we need to EMPHATICALLY say to the storm is the name of “JESUS!!!!”


whisper it!   JESUS

The winds and waves still know His name.

If we are looking for the lighthouse to show up in our sight-line, look close… Jesus is already holding our hand. Look not out, but look within for HIS LIGHT.

Look for Jesus then you won’t see anything but His Light. My Lighthouse.

Look for Jesus and know His majesty prevails.

The Light of Jesus will never go out.


Matthew 8:23-27  (NLV)

The Wind and Waves Obey Jesus

Jesus got into a boat. His followers followed Him. At once a bad storm came over the lake. The waves were covering the boat. Jesus was sleeping. His followers went to Him and called, “Help us, Lord, or we will die!” He said to them, “Why are you afraid? You have so little faith!” Then He stood up. He spoke sharp words to the wind and the waves. Then the wind stopped blowing. Then men were surprised and wondered about it. They said, “What kind of a man is He? Even the winds and the waves obey Him.”


Oceans – “The wind and waves still know His Name ”

My Lighthouse

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