Move Move Move, 14DEC – #1009


It’s kind of cute the excitement of the two moving planets to create a double star image in the sky near Christmas time, but those planets are there all the time, and those planets have been edging closer every night, and those planets have been ignored most everyday and those planets are really very far apart and honestly when they come together it’s not gonna be that bright… but it’s ok, people like some good excitement. I’m all about good excitement, especially this year.

It’s NOT ok the excitement I just saw on video playback of a church shooting, at an outdoor concert in NYC. It’s NOT ok that people were forced hiding behind a light post, a traffic box, a trashcan. It’s not ok that the shooter was deranged and uncooperative and seemed to be seeking “suicide by cop”. It’s not OK that I could sense that either. It’s not ok that life and death situations are deliberately forced. It’s not ok that the world is broken. It’s OK to be sad. It’s OK to wish peace on earth. It’s our mission to seek PEACE ON EARTH.

The police officer on the right, behind his trash can barrier, was the first to run over to the scared people behind the traffic box, as soon as the shooter was downed, the cop yelled “move move move” and helped the two run further back. Then he crisscrossed the stairs with the other trashcan cop, and made his way to the ladies on the ground huddled behind a deep concrete step. “Move move move”. The crowd filming yells” “It’s ok, your ok” – the video picks up the crowd comforting the ladies. The crowd also praising the police who put their lives on the line. Those are the bright connections in the light of day. Those are people connections from a heavenly Spirit that shines BRIGHTER than humanity is darkened. Those are Spirit connections. That’s the planet we live on. Connection between good people outshines the bad people. Light overcomes darkness.

It’s ok and not ok that we don’t understand evil or even sadly mental illness that we can’t understand. It’s ok and not ok that we wish to ignore bad things.

Move move move. The stars are already moving everyday, and so are we. The human condition is movable and not. The Spirit desires to be moved away from humanness. The humans are to desire Spirit.

There’s nothing OK with the human condition, but know that it will eventually be OK after all evil influences are destroyed. It’s not us that can dispel the evil for all time, but we can wait and watch the Spirit use us and others for good. Remember, Mr. Rogers’s mother always said: in tragedies, look for the helpers.

That’s an alignment of human hope and sacrifice. Time is inching closer to the time the Lord will be overcoming all evil. Let us look to overcoming and practice peace now.

Move move move.

Amen, I believe in the Lord overcoming.

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