Grace Under Pressure, 16DEC – #1010


Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. Paul to Colossians 4:5-6

! YEAH !

I walked into a small business yesterday, looking for a few Christmas items to mail. Nice that downstairs they had an upscale thrift shop stuff. When I came back up, neither the owner or worker were wearing their masks, were 1 foot apart discussing prices. I’m NOT a germaphobe, never was, but it AMAZES me that these people in this business are not as responsive to customers as you would think! This is not March, this is December in a post-thanksgiving spike. Many businesses ARE wonderfully compliant, some aren’t, and if front of the store workers aren’t wearing their masks, higher chances the backroom workers aren’t either). 


What do I say to the shop folks? So, you know as consumers we/I could have chosen a course of responses to the unmasked ladies. I wanted my items, didn’t want to walk away and not say why. I waited 6 feet away until I finally said I was ready to check out, they were oblivious to me standing there. The cashier lady scrambled for her mask, a cute Christmas motif even, complimented me on my purchases, and made nice. The owner lady in oblivion to mask wearing or my frown (couldn’t see it because I was masked). Even if she was certified clean, a proper mask would go a long way in comforting me that she cared. Perhaps and probably she cared and was ignorant to my opinion? GRACE. 

Let your conversation be always full of GRACE, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone

I was stunned quiet, and if you know me, if I’m quiet, there’s a PROBLEM. But as the cashier apologized for her mask being down, I mentioned loud enough for both of them to hear that I have a friend and his wife and her mother all down with bad cases of covid, it’s still out there, he said it feels like a marathon to walk from one room to another. The cashier showed genuine concern, the other lady either did not listen or I just don’t know where he head was. She was being silly and showed the new baubles of Christmas decorations she was pricing, but really that didn’t amuse me. I cannot hide my quietness, it’s earth shattering quiet in my opinion, knowing me. I cashed out and dashed out. Open air, open windows, open prayers. And prayers for her too. Granted, cases are still scattered, still rare enough, but they are spiking because of traditional winter close quarters, it IS cold and flu season, why are we surprised at this covid spike?… Customer service could be consistent regardless of spikes, year-round. I just remember good advice: don’t challenge others, unless crucial. Keeping quiet was not hard when stunned quiet, but I could write volumes, of course. Seasoned with salt, our responses SHOULD be after prayerful pondering. 

I’m not a perfect mask wearer, I’m terrible to judge, I make my own faux pas in other crucial things, I know – take the log out of your own eye before trying to see the splint in someone elses.

This is a season of thankfulness and GRACE, actually EVERY SEASON is a season of GRACE. Jesus came to share GRACE. There are not as many “enemies to us” but “opposers to us” these days. We are judgmental folks, me too, and what can be done but for us to try to be better… In conversation try to speak up or shut up. Let life finish out its course with God’s judgement not ours. Meanwhile GRACE is needed. 

We are a world in need of GRACE. We are a people who are told to give GRACE, even under pressure. WE WERE GIVEN GRACE UNDER PRESSURE. God really really wants us back Home with Him – Grace thru Jesus is the only way He could make it – He loves us too much to not give it.

Why are we supposed to share and show GRACE? Share yes, because the Lord forgives us. Show? Because we are to model Christ-like behavior. Others are to know that we are Christians by our love.  And seasoned Christians are gifted seasoned answers and conversations. PRAY ON YOUR ANSWERS.

It is ours to speak up after seasoning-up or we are to shut up.

Grace under pressure is just the start…


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