Held in God’s Hand, like Birds in the Bible, 11JAN – #1039


I had a great dream, I had to write it down.  I was flipping through an illustration of the birds in the bible – coloring pages and beautiful pictures nestled as inserts for each time there was a reference to birds.  (Please do run with this idea if you know a book publisher)…  The books in my dream were exquisitely detailed and beautiful. My dream reminded me if God takes care of the birds, then how much we are loved, enough for me at that moment, in my dream and as soon as I awoke, to have a connective moment of peace. In watching me in my own dream, I was watching my peace, knowing God, and just being alive. 

Think of how much our Heavenly Father cares for us, and in my dream and just after, I had been thinking of how my earthly father loves to watch the birds, so many do, and how much it gives a connection between my mom and my brother with him. This whole 10 months of self-isolation for them, in our covid pandemic, I thank God the birds have been there, to entertain. I look out my windows too and a beautiful red cardinal reminds me of them. All our lives as a family, birds figured in, designs for their club pins, artwork, and arts and crafts all around the house. There are lots and lots of feeders, windows and even perfect porch seats.  The porch is the only place I got this year. I sat WITH the birds in my Father’s and Mother’s view. So this Christmas I gave my dad a calendar, 365 days of pages of colorful bird photos. My mom (who is always easy to please) also loves it. (I got it at Hallmark). And gave them lots of bird themed presents (you have to love Hallmark). Sadly, or fittingly, the cookies I sent, which I felt SO strongly about making 4 weeks ago for them, arrived crushed and so old in the mail delay that they now were best to feed them to the birds too. It’s OKAY, this is the year that “the thought counts”. The birds and the squirrels will enjoy them. They will return to God their intended purpose, the joy of just being sent, the joy of loved ones being remembered.

Everyone it seems loves to watch the birds… My friend told me about her mom, in the nursing home, who loved to watch the birds. She was not able to communicate much, but seeing the birds and listening to music were known to soothe her.

In the scriptures, Jesus is telling us directly just as much as he was telling his listeners (Matthew 6) how important we are to God. He will take care of us. In daily life and in transition life and in forever life, God loves and cherishes us.  “Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

I watch the birds on a livesteam webpage from my hometown. I can hear and feel my connection to home, and this gives me more a peace while working on the computer. Isn’t that what Jesus connecting us to God is all about? Our connections to HOME while we work and live give us PEACE. God wants us to think of HOME. Home is a place of mind, not just physical place. Home IS where the heart is. Home is where we lay our heads. Home is a comfort. Home is a gift.  This whole pandemic, our homes are supposed to be the safest place. Home is where we can just be.

The cat will get so confused about the feeder sounds on the computer and dart from window to window to try to see the activities. We too don’t want to be left out. We too know that it is not always peaceful patience between different birds at the feeders. Hope that they would take turns, but no the little birds wait their turns while the aggressive birds grab food. And that squirrel!!!??? Ugh!!!

I am going to make an effort to start hanging feeders in my yard. My neighbor put up a big fence, her feeders are now hidden. I should take the opportunity to start my feeding zone at my home. I love to nest at home. Nest – now that is a term that the Lord allows us to enjoy His Nest for us – right inside the palm of His hand.

So, heaven on earth is where we find our glimpses of HOME. This may mean that we also can participate to bring the peace closer, make the opportunities for peace ourselves and for others, be the little birds looking for a crumb or waiting our turn, be the earthly birdfeeder and provide… be the watcher and intervene.

Our Heavenly Birdfeeder Vinedresser Creator Father watches us like we watch the birds. He feeds, keeps an eye on us, ready to intervene, and certainly simply watches how we interact with our fellow humans. Watch out for squirrels in life, but know that they are simply after the food, not you.  Use your wings in trouble, rise to safety, squawk in alarm, sing in delight. Roost safely  and warm. Be fed. Nest. Rest. 

Like the birds, we must look for our food, spiritual food. Yes it is provided and plentiful – the light dawns and we are up to read our nourishment… the biblical Word feeds our souls. 

It would be nice to see pictures of bird in the bible, it would could should remind us that every biblical Word is a seed. Every page a place of feeding. Of course, we can look for ourselves in the bible – we ARE the results of God planting seeds in us…

There might be a few birds in the bushes, but how much MORE precious is a bird in the hand – and you in God’s Hand. We are forever held in God’s Hand. 

Be fed.


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