Don’t Worship What Won’t Last, 12JAN – #1040


A friend of a friend thinks about the world dynasties that come and go – like the Roman Empire, the British Empire, and maybe maybe the US fading in the future. Maybe the rise of China or India will have the next global impact. Maybe we don’t know the future!

How IMPORTANT therefore that we remember the world is BIG, History is LONG. How important, even in these tumultuous times in the US (and especially in these times), that we remember the end of the world is not dependent on our observations or on any ticking time schedule, but ONLY in the timing that the Lord has. (and it sounds so very elaborate!!) ALL in ALL we are present on Earth in a VERY short blip of time.

When we stress about the brokenness in the world, we also worry about the rips in the American melting pot, the pockets of coldness, the boiling over factions, the segments flying off the ladle handle. What should we do with America? (perceived or actual) The #1 thing we should NOT do is NOT worship it…. We are NOT to worship the ground we or anyone walks on, it is beneath us. (I just made up that quote – cool…) We are to worship the Lord.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE AMERICA – I LOVE the freedom – I love the opportunity – I love the flag – I love to wear my red white and blue. No matter who is in ruling power, the red white and blue are a blessing to me and you…  I do love America and freedom, yet I am reminded to NOT worship it. I am reminded to NOT worship people (even rock stars). I am reminded to NOT worship the world. Don’t worship what won’t last. We are to WORSHIP THE LORD AND THE LORD ONLY!

The best thing we can do for America is to do something for Americans – teach them about God. The best thing we can do for the world is to do something for the people – teach them about God. Teach and show them Jesus in our lives. Model Christ-like behavior. Acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers but know the ONE who does. Stand strong sharing the Word not for the Word’s sake but for the World’s HOPE.

Do we know the future? NO. We actually don’t even know much about the past and we repeat history all the time…  Therefore we don’t know the immediate future. What we have learned in the Book of Revelation is that the world does not last. God knows the World is broken and knows what happens. In this truth is where we learn that we have to be lifted from this world, be in the world but not of it. And in the Book of Revelation is where we learn that God and God alone sets the new Kingdom into place

How do we get to this new Kingdom? Walk. Keep the Walk. Walk the Faith.

I love this quote I just heard from St Francis of Assisi: “It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching”. 

Be prayerfully worshipful – put your prayers in the Peacemaker not in the place – and put your place into Peacemaking


(all my opinion – just to put that out there)

(God IS in change – that is the truth!)

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