Man of God Movie


This was a tremendous movie of a tremendous servant Nektarios: “Man of God”.  This was a special showing. Theater was mostly full, likely mostly greek orthodox folks, like my friend who invited me (please pray for a miracle healing of her heart in chronic heart failure, thanks.)

Nektarios was first a preacher, then also a healer. We hear of someone like Bernadette and her faith at Lourdes, healing pools of water, but this movie focused on the man himself not the miracles, until the last scene with Mickey Rourke’s character experiencing a powerful healing for paralysis, tears in his belief and repentance, quite moving. 

Nektarios walked the walk and talked the talk, including not talking, taking punishment for himself instead of inflicting others…. and we heard his conversations with the Lord for he was persecuted unfairly. His writing was powerful and moving, in the 1910’s and 1920’s, he had quite the following and even helped a group of women establish a convent monastery. They were pestered by accusations, but all cleared of any wrong… 

He was at minimum always repenting for being a sinner, even though we would call him super good. He always prayed for forgiveness. I was just reading about king David and inflicting pain and death unto Uriah, being reprimanded by Nathan (2 Samuel 12), and how opposite this Nektarios was, living simply and taking on punishment for others. 

This movie was special and riveting, set in Greece, and even miraculous happenings for its filming. 

I especially enjoyed the constant reminder of not the miracles but that they represented true faith. He kept saying: my faith is not up to me. That’s a central truth we also must realize. Our faith is God expressing His Truth thru us. We preach, He reaches…

“Exiled unjustly, convicted without trial, slandered without cause. Man of God depicts the trials and tribulations of Saint Nektarios of Aegina, as he bears the unjust hatred of his enemies while preaching the Word of God.”

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