Milky Way Moments


If you need a moment to realize that God IS in charge (lest we forget) and need a humbling shock that we DON’T know or see everything in this world let alone the Heavens – then take a Milky Way Moment – go out and see the stars. Not just any stars but ALL of them, if you can… 

I took a moment driving up home to park my car (safely) on a very very dark road, open the moonroof, shut off my car headlights and then take a moment to adjust my eyes. I was in the “boonies” meaning the far far backwoods where NO light pollution can obscure the starlight that God put into our sights. I’ve been here before. God NEVER disappoints.

Of course you absolutely HAVE to ADJUST YOUR EYES to see better deeper and brighter.

Feeling the REAL cold is a wake-up gift from God too because you feel more alive. It was 19 degrees, snow on the ground, I stepped outside and my breath was taken away – but that was by the STARS not just due to the cold…  That level of intricate light, placed just right, is SO AMAZING… And we miss it everyday, don’t we?… We miss it in the sunshine as well as in the light pollution.  We miss A LOT of what God wants to show us.

It is an overwhelming AWE in seeing so many stars because there are MORE light spaces than dark spaces. And the depths are deep… I am also in awe that this view is much closer to the skies that Abraham saw,  Jacob,  Moses, John the Baptist saw… yes to what Jesus saw… A view to what God placed there to guide the Way of Wonder…  

If you can appreciate your ability to have appreciation of everything and anything as a gift from God, you might appreciate the stars even more. But first you must adjust your attitude. That is MORE important than adjusting your eyes.

God is in control. 

Take a moment to say THANK YOU!


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