Epiphany Bests Infamy


Epiphany is the most relevant history,

  More than any other Jan 6th infamy. 


See, a King was visited by kings pre-known, 

 seeing a Seed of Everlasting Peace Who was sewn.


Jesus did it by stepping off the throne.

 And from Him our Salvation was grown. 


Welcome Wisemen and Wisewomen to this very day!

A baby alive in your hearts will surely start you on the Way! 


This is the Epiphany shown to all, I do pray.

Let us Praise God’s Given then Arisen Son, Forever and Today!




One king held the frankincense – 

one king held the myrrh – 

one king held the purest gold – 

ONE KING HELD THE HOPE OF THE WORLD…” song lyrics from One King…

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