Knees to the Floor



Amazing God. Just AMAZING!


God, You Did SO WELL, You suceeded AGAIN.

AND You nearly finished my problem before I even knew HOW to even begin.


You say to those who know much, they will be given insight even more.

Well we humans dream flat tires but You, Holy Spirit, fill big tires and You put Your Pedal to the floor.




I know a Lion of a Lord.

I can hear Him ROAR!

I know a Lamb of a Lord. 

I need to bow down to Him, knees to the floor. 


‘Put it in God’s Hands’ we always say.

Well, YES, and let us watch Him really Work, He will have His Way.


For this task and many more, You Lord certainly got it done. 

You Lord, WON.


We live a life parable, and so often YOU let us know that YOU are in charge.

Love Lord God’s control, He knows best how live life LARGE.


And how You do it all? I don’t know, that I must confess.

You also cover the little details, You BLESS. 


And so today let me say,

I watched God work here today.


I also knew God put me to work with JOY and ENERGY.

I felt our “can-do” God open my eyes to feel His SYNERGY. 


Of course I stand convicted by my doubts, my previous words were vinegary.

I now feel convicted for judging when my words should have been more lovingly.


And yet even for our sinning.

You redeem us in Your forgiving.


So today Lord, let me explore,

Let me see Your victories, let me see MORE.


If You need me, knock on my door.

I am down here, knees to the floor. 


Knees to the Floor. 



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