FOCUS… GOD… WARMTH… GRACE…. 10 Oct – #281 *



Long drive Friday night in the pouring rain but SO worth it!! I drove three scouts, including one whom I had in my car that ice storm January morning when God’s GRACE was so ever clearly keeping us safe…

This was an amazing camping trip, fifteen of us total…a dozen 14yr old cadettes, 3 moms. Amazing waterfalls, amazing nature. Here’s devotion #1 written Saturday early morning…


Camping in the mountains, crisp air, God everywhere.

Walked in the stars at 430am wide awake because my girl scout leader – sister mom came back to our tent after a check on a camper and said: “Debbie, YOU have to go see the stars!!!!!” Of course I knew it would be the best viewing ever, no light pollution in pitch black at 2400 feet!!! The beauty and brightness so intense.. The Pleiades, I saw the Pleiades finally, they were at the zenith, I saw the best you could ever see by eye… Plus detailed star studded Orion, Taurus, and the Milky Way…. I didn’t feel the urge to do anything else at that moment, I just stood there in PEACE… I stood there in the presence of God. I was in God with God, not admiring His works from afar, but embedded in PEACE, embedded in the FOCUS of ALL creation… Through the tall trees whipping in the wind, the pitch black darkness gave way to the closest I have ever been to the stars… it was as if there were poked holes in a moonless black sky making brilliant crisp spotlights. Good God, how blessed to see and feel the shining of all creation, one star, one creation just as brilliant as the rest… When you have been gifted the vision of God sightings, WOW, it’s seeing EVERYTHING as FROM God and OF God!

No, I didn’t feel I needed to write about the stars at that moment – because I humbly lived that in the moment…. Actually I really really felt the need to write a piece flooded into my brain about something else… this toasty blessed hand warmer… This warmth which gifted me FOCUS … and I have to write how God’s warm love gives focus….

Yes, warmth in my hand focusing me away from the upper 30’s chill at 430 am… yes I am still holding this hot pad now… it’s 8 am, camp just barely starting to stir (late but well yeah, at 1:30am we realized we should go to bed… even the dozen teenagers went to bed before us 3 silly scout moms yapping around the campfire). Cold night, wind whipping a massive cold front of thunderstorms and brilliant lightning, which had made our three hour trip into four and oh that clogged Friday getaway traffic, ugh… But we made it safe, made it 2400ft up in the desolate mountains, temperatures rapidly dropping, and what’s did we see? SNOW?…. Yes SNOW flurries and chunks shooting down, above freezing degrees but SNOW… in early October?? Well I said “Thanks God, Hello to You too!”… ” You know that I LOVE your show of SNOW kisses”… Yes it was just enough snow as God said “I love you, my child”. Smiles God, smiles.

Warm in the focus on God… This gifted hot pack from my sister scout mom gave me focus to forget the upper 30’s tent camping and rush outside for the star show of my dreams… Well, 430am the snow blown away and so the stars came out to play!!! The focus of a hand warmer is EXACTLY like the focus on God… God warming my heart takes away the angst and the uncertainty in the moment. The stressors don’t go away, but focusing on God gives me strength, gives me motivation, gives me warmth, gives me the freedom to live. Your gift and my gift from God – IS God. You have meaning, you have focus, you have oneness, you have existence in this world to just BE. BE WITH GOD. If the world is collapsing in you, but you focus on God, you will find God there to hold you in LOVE.

We have been graced LIFE, therefore we are made of God’s warm LOVE, made for God… He wants us to be HIS gift to the world, to display HIS fruit, to tell of His ways… Tell how HE has made us who we are… Tell the cold world how we feel HIS warmth when we realize we are HIS.

Thanks for the Focus, Oh God. Focus on You, God.

PS… after writing this Sat morning, well Sunday morning was a repeat performance of brilliant stars. Pleiades again, hot pad focus on warmth again, God at work always… BUT this time, with a teachable moment shared with those three scouts WIDE AWAKE at 430am… Time to ponder is a gift, time to teach a gift as we made out Taurus’ face and Orion’s bow so clearly… Oh, just then a tiny shooting star caught just in time in our focus, sweet… God shared it with all these girls, including Grace… He shared that moment with me – just like he shares equally beautiful moments with each of us… Oh these gifted moments of FOCUS… Stars in the sky and the beauty of natural curiosity… Oh these gifts from God to focus on… Oh how blessed we truly are…

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