Silly numbers, 08Oct – #280



Nothing earth shattering here… Just enjoying writing how fun God can be…. I like to embrace the silliness of life A LOT, as you know … Nerdy Fun for Friday… Perhaps numbers show up like this for you too… I am NOT into numerology; I just like numbers and math.

Silly numbers, 08Oct

Fun silly little numbers, they make me smile… When I was a kid and still today my parents live at 403 as their house number… That number came up in various places growing, so of course it was fun when my mother noticed that my then boyfriend had a license plate with 403 on it, lots of silly appearances… and now even my father’s prepaid cemetery plot number is randomly, you guessed it, number 403 !

I’ve always liked the number 25, born on Oct 25th… 25 is a cool number because after October 25th comes November 25th near Thanksgiving time and of course December 25th for Christmas! Three fabulous months in a row in my favorite fall season… and so I always play 25 at the raffles, and of course money is divided into quarters… So what’s my house number? not 25… but 52… Yeah reverse 25 is 52, I didn’t think about that much until recently when now the number 52 started popping up ALL OVER the place… Now, if you take it one step further and add the numbers, 52 as 5 + 2 equals 7, so yes 25 or 2 + 5 = 7… yes 403 added together = 7… my kids each have birthdays on the 29th, and 9 – 2 = 7…. yup yup… and 7 is one of EVERYONE’S lucky numbers…. And when I started my blog as “Debbie Upper” apparently it was common enough that they assigned a number to it, yup 7, I am “Debbie.Upper.7”. The Pleiades constellation (Subaru symbol) are the seven sisters of mythology… There’s six on the emblem (maybe I am star number seven)…

God loves numbers…. Nature is full of geometric repeating and consistent patterns. “Donald Duck in Mathemagic Land” can be found as a YouTube video ( – I wrote about this before) and there are so many amazing mathematical descriptions of nature from the golden rule to natural spirals to geometric crystals for metals (pure solid elemental metals can form perfect cubes, even pentagram-like… I grew perfect salt crystal cubes in grad school in an evaporating stock solution, cool). Then there are the symmetrical snowflakes, leaf and flower patterns, etc. The Mandelbrot set and lots of really cool fractals can even be used to describe repeating nature mathematics…

God loves math.. God loves numbers. Yeah, so OK, even in nature God does bend the rules at times, and not every mathematical rule holds true for every creature that exists… We probably just haven’t “figured” it out yet… Even Plato tried to figure it all out, but it’s tough for humans to describe everything we DON’T understand… ( ).

We think we can bend God’s rules sometimes too – but quickly God catches on…. and God is the best one at changing your life up for you, when you haven’t “figured” it out yet…

So, numbers…. cool God… Thanks God for giving us nerdy people some extra fun… We all often say we are lucky… but in actuality we are all truly BLESSED… luck “probably” has nothing to do with it… God’s watching and waiting to see how we catch onto his plans – i think i am very very lucky to notice what God lets me see… I will still strive to invoke my internal lucky leprechaun status… Lucky? I mean BLESSED..

“Figured” it out, finally…

PS – follow up Nov 4th – You know, God is cute sometimes… In addition to me seeing the number 52 about five times in a 24hour period: at the gas station, the time of day, all over Facebook, etc… I was reminded by my “52” trash cans that when inverted read 25… Yeah – not only are they reverse numbers, they are of right symmetry when you invert them they say each other… Silly God, silly… Thanks for the smile, God.

280 silly numbers.PNG

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