Quiescent, 05Oct – 279 *



The devil may put doubt in my mind, but it’s God who gives me precious pause…. discernment between those two is vitally important… God gives pause for us to listen, learn and grow. Pause is prayer time to ponder – to enter a transient transition state – to get back to a time where God can mold us… return us to a child of God… it takes time and we are to be patient with what God is trying to teach us…

And so this essay grew out of a healthy faith conversation – a discussion about the importance of “Regenerating Our Faith”. These thoughts populated my brain this morning as i got into my tabernacle Subaru – my brain connected them to the thought of “a quiescent center” – a place in plants where the generation of new growth occurs – the “meristematic zone”. I haven’t thought about that word in about ten years, it just now popped into my head.

Quiescent, 05Oct

Yes, God and botanical lesson here: the tips of the growing regions of plants are meristems – they are a collection of cells which are undifferentiated until acted upon by internal and external factors. This region is called a Quiescent Center and has the potential to grow into anything (roots, shoots, flowers) when acted upon by clues (hormones and protein growth factors). In the laboratory, in plant tissue culture, you can take pieces of certain plants and put them into proper nutritive culture conditions and you can return to growth of undifferentiated cells… Differentiated somatic cells still have all the genetic material needed to regenerate a whole plant. This regeneration of cellular material is not JUST to bring a similar leaf back from a leafy tissue – it is potential to bring back the WHOLE plant from one cell’s growth… that’s the SAME with God…

To regenerate our faith, we really want to ask God to bring us back to a place where we can grow into anything. We don’t just bring our faith back into where our faith was before – instead we ask God to bring our faith to a NEW elevated state – we want a “God-determined” level of faith.

The quiescent meristem is not truly a quiet place. Sure you cannot visually see what is going on in those cells, but internally they’re working really really hard – new proteins – new RNA molecules to direct the development – within each cell it’s setting up a whole new potential life – and the cells will work together to create a new tissue…

The quiescent core of a soul is not truly a quiet place – you can not visually see what is going on in another’s soul – you may feel it in your own though. And God is working internally there – working really really hard. God is setting up a whole new potential life for you – for Him. This work becomes easier if we try to rest our lives in God’s truths. God wants us to ask Him to do this work

What we can become depends on us asking God to restore our wholeness with Him and looking to Him to point us in the right path.

Quiescence may infer quiet but it’s not quiet time… God wants us to “Be Still” and know that He is God, He is doing the work. Quite often we rush. We can’t see the work, but it’s happening.

God knows He has flooded me with so many blessings that I don’t know what to do with all I have gained…. And yet, I keep saying: “What’s next God? What’s next?” So yes, we (and especially I) should be patient because the places where I’m petitioning God to work is EXACTLY where I must learn to realize that He IS working, and He needs the time that He needs… He will take my challenge zones and will regenerate them into quiescent centers. He will redo me from the inside out and He will need to line up the internal and external signals to make it all work for the best for HIS Wholeness and Holiness … it’s HIS timing not ours. Wait upon the Lord.

So yes, Lord, I shall be patient. I will know that you are faithfully working on every single situation. I will not doubt what I cannot see. I will praise when I see small steps taking your direction. I will watch you work and learn how you do it… and I will wait upon YOU and your quiescent ways and I will learn to keep my faith even stronger, because you are an ALL powerful God.

I believe in YOU forever.



PS – an email reply from my Pastor – Yeah, it’s no accident that Pastor and I walk together…. God’s plan plays out… I love watching God at work….

From my Pastor: “It’s very interesting that all you had to say and the share is what has been on my mind and in my devotions lately. The whole topic of Regeneration. Just today I’ve been thinking about Regeneration, Degeneration and Generations in light of conversations about the state of the church, lackluster attendance or wet blanket apathy. To be like a child means surrendering a lot of self and allowing God to grow us into the likeness of our brother Jesus. It has to be taught to the generations. Too many other things want to do the teaching and human nature prefers the dark even though it knows the Light, and when it opts for the dark, degeneration takes place. Holy Spirit and Spirit touched people keep shining the light into the darkness.”

And my reply to my Pastor: It’s NO accident – there is NO WAY any of this is a coincidence…. it is so clear to me that God has aligned us like stars in his universe – you me and the rest – for how long I don’t know…

and yes – LIGHT is what is being shined on strong right now – but people have to realize it – and it’s not easy to do that when they are blinded by the glitz and glamour out there – honestly yes, it’s easier for people to follow the dark that they know and the easy road away from the light than to face themselves in the light of God – one has to be ready to face the dark corners of their own lives that they KNOW God is looking at – it’s easier to run than to stand and be inspected… but I pray God will be gentle – I know HE will…if God isn’t forgiving then i don’t know who is!

I have myself experienced an interesting phenomenon:  A REGENERATION – I say and feel like I am getting younger – younger AND wiser… but yeah – it’s amazing to me how humans are human and will look at surface things and not take enough time to think to go deeper. Some folks forget to stoke their own spiritual fires and thus forget to stoke everyone else’s too – it’s that “soul on fire” song – it’s about re-kindling – re-generating – re-invigorating – yes – that means giving up what we know to an unknown – but wow I can attest that this unknown is amazingly filled with JOY.

As for the destructive forces at work, well if I am calling myself a “child of God” then I feel this pull to being a PEACEMAKER – I strive to encourage peace – I took a personality test once and it said my career should be an academic dean – in other words a peacemaker – it hurts to sometimes get caught in the middle but I remember that I have nothing to lose IF I give it ALL to God…


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