Fireworks – FIRE Works!, 26May – #406



Fireworks – FIRE Works!, 26May

Yes Lord, YES LORD, I will listen to your repetition! Oh Lord, sometimes they just make me simply laugh in delight with the JOY of knowing YOU!

The repeat words of the week have been hope and wisdom but the repeat word of today is fireworks and FIRE Works…

I’m zipping down the turnpike, singing my praise songs… praise in song truly warms my heart… I was singing Third Day’s “Soul on FIRE”, a song I’ve written about before, where people repeatedly sent it to me within a 20-minute period on the day it was released… those folks called me a “soul on fire” that day, so now my brain was thinking of these words – that FIRE works …. FIRE really works miracles… God lighting us ON FIRE truly changes us, FIRE works for HIS glory. It REALLY works!

I was thinking how God’s FIRE truly works because simply God lit me on FIRE… God sets us on FIRE so that we shine Jesus’s LIGHT… not our own LIGHT, but Jesus’s… That’s God’s working His FIRE…

While singing the word “FIRE” in the car this billboard comes up – and all I can see is the word FIRE… I laughed and gasped, the billboard was for “Sky King’s Fireworks”…  Yeah God IS the “Sky King” – haha that’s cute Lord, YOU surely are my beloved Sky King, and yes, our Sky King’s FIRE DOES work! 

I sat with this thought, all day, knowing eventually I’m was going to have to write it out… but what truly got me was while driving out of church this evening – I noticed the sermon title for this Sunday – it’s “Fireworks”…. I burst out laughing with great JOY!!! Lordy Lord… Oh God, YOU make me SMILE…

FIRE works, it truly does… the FIRE in your soul will light you to Eternity. The FIRE God lights under your “you know what” will wake you up. And the FIRE in your eyes will help others see what drives you. God starts the FIRE, don’t let us quench it. Let it burn…

BE the FIRE that God wants you to BE.

THANKS GOD, I will be watching for YOUR fireworks and I will know it’s YOU.


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